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While it’s most aspiring actor’s daydream to become a movie star, many who achieve that dream may soon find their success a nightmare if they find themselves typecast. Trapped in the same performance over and over again, it’s an infuriating and repetitive career trap that has limited the talents of many great actors.

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Some actors have gone to extreme and drastic lengths to break the typos they have fallen into, even risking alienating fans from their image for showing the full extent of their range. From masters of comedy adding strings to their bow to heroic good guys showing just how bad they can be, these actors are putting everything on the line to earn the versatile careers they have today.

Jonah Hill

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Jonah Hill made a name for himself with his roles in several Judd Apatowin comedies of the 2000s, including her first starring role in 2007 super bad. As his comedy streak continued into the early 2010s, Hill was eager to crack his typography as a foul-mouthed sidekick in slacker comedies and did so with a revealing performance in the sports biopic. silver ball.

He earned his first Oscar nomination for his performance as Peter Brand before getting his second for the wolf of Wall Street. It was a risk that might have left Hill open to criticism, but his impressive performances opened the door for him to become a versatile acting talent, and even led to his 2018 directorial debut. Mid 90s.

Bryan Cranston

Make his first big impression as the father of Malcolm in the middle after having had minor recurring roles on a number of 90s sitcoms, Bryan Cranston was defined by his unflinching comedic instincts that so often stole the show. In 2008, he starred in the first season of AMC’s crime drama breaking Bad which turned out to be one of the biggest TV hits ever.

His performance, showcasing Walter White’s steep moral decline, threatened to tarnish the lovable jester image that forged his career. The risk paid off, however, with Cranston winning four Primetime Emmies for his acting throughout the series and paving the way for an illustrious film and television career ever since.

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Matthew McConaughey

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After establishing itself in the 1990s with major roles in some of the best dramas of the decade, Matthew McConaughey found a cozy niche in the 2000s as a leading man in romantic comedies. Typing resulted in a reliable source of income for McConaughey, but he made a major shift to more dramatic roles in the early 2010s.

The change didn’t reap any instant financial rewards either, but it did restore McConaughey’s acting skills and lead to his Oscar-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club. He then starred in real detective and Interstellar in 2014, cementing his position as one of the greatest actors of his generation.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe in Imperium
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Starring in a blockbuster movie franchise as a child actor over the course of a decade can be both a blessing and a curse, because Daniel Radcliffe learned too well. Eager to go beyond his depiction of Harry Potter, Radcliffe broke the mold almost immediately after the Harry Potter the films ended, appearing in a series of dark horrors and dramas in the early 2010s.

His primary role as an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates Imperium This is where many started to really differentiate it from Harry Potter. His career has taken another turn in recent years with a big shift towards quirky characters. Akimbo Firearms aroused interest, his villainous role in The lost city was a highlight of the film, and Bizarre: the story of Al Yankovic has what it takes to become a cult classic hit.

Robert Pattinson

Not so long ago, the British actor was one of the most polarizing figures in cinema as Edward Cullen in the Dusk movies. Featured in several other romantic films at the time, Robert Pattinson was watching a career limited to being the love interest and living in the shadow of the Dusk saga.

He actively pursued larger roles in the years that followed, with his performance in Australian New West the rover a major change from the actor that set him on the path to independent films. Throughout the rest of the 2010s, he garnered acclaim in pictures like Good time and Lighthouse before bursting again Principle and, of course, the superhero blockbuster The Batman.

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Steve Carell

One of the most successful and versatile comics the entertainment industry has ever seen, Steve Carell became a major star in the 2000s with his hilarious performances for film and television. Excelling as lovable idiots who engage in painfully awkward encounters they can’t navigate, his work in Office and The 40 year old virgin remain beloved comedic performances to this day.

While his acting career remains active, Carell took a major risk to get into drama with the 2014 sports crime biopic foxcatcher. An unrecognizable performance from Carell, it was completely depleted of his comedic prowess and earned him an Oscar nomination. He has shown his dramatic talent regularly since with fantastic performances in The big court and Handsome boy among others.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway in Brokeback Mountain
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Throughout his career, Anne Hathaway was something of a Disney princess, starring in The Diary of a Princess and other early 2000s family comedies before making a seismic transition to more adult films later in the decade. While Ravaged stands as the first of his forays into grittier roles was his performance in Brokeback Mountain who heralded her as a real acting talent to be taken seriously.

Hathaway has become one of Hollywood’s most versatile talents, appearing in everything from iconic comedies to gripping dramas and hit epics. She was nominated for two Oscars, including one for her heartbreaking supporting role in the 2012 musical drama Wretched.

Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood started out as a prolific child actor in the 1990s, starring in numerous films across a range of genres before breaking out as Frodo Baggins in the fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Wood almost avoided being typecast and moved away from heroic performance immediately afterwards in a risky career move that saw him have a wide range of interesting characters.

The decision saw Wood make an instant impact with his performances in Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, city ​​of sin and Green Street Hooligans. He’s appeared in everything from quirky comedies to baffling horrors since then, in a decorated and underrated film career post. The Lord of the Rings.

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tom hank

Tom Hanks in Philadelphia
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With Outstanding Performance in the 1984 Film Splash, tom hank quickly became known for his charming and kind demeanor in leading roles in romantic comedies of the 80s and early 90s. Featured in films such as Big, Turner & Hoochand Insomnia in Seattlehis career trajectory seemed set in stone, but everything changed quite quickly.

Turning to drama with the years 1993 philadelphia cream showcased the full range of Hanks’ acting talents and won him his first Oscar. Just 12 months later, he won his second Oscar for Forrest Gump and has been considered one of Hollywood’s greatest and friendliest actors ever since.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron in Monster
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Moving from modeling to acting in the mid-1990s, Charlize Theron initially struggled for the job, but soon landed roles due to her striking appearance. She caught the eye with her brief performance in 2 days in the valley and, while she feared being typecast, was encouraged to continue in similar roles.

While she had something of a major breakout in 1997 Devil’s advocate — and enjoyed a career boom in the years that followed — it wasn’t until she starred in the 2003 biographical crime drama Freak that she took full control of her career. The confrontational performance won Theron an Oscar and led her to other leading roles that saw her become the action heroine she is known today.

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