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tom hank created its latest star vehicle, A man called Ottoon December 30. The second adaptation of the beloved novel A man called Ovethe film is about a grumpy, retired man who strikes up an unlikely friendship with his neighbors. Marianne Trevino and Manuel Garcia Rulfo co-starred.

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Films about unexpected friendships are not uncommon; Hollywood has been exploring the concept since time immemorial. So, fans of Hanks’ latest movie will surely want to check out these other films. Featuring similar themes of unique people forming unexpected bonds through thick and thin, these films will be perfect companions to A man called Otto.

“Grumpy Old Man” (1993)

Screen captions Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau joined forces for the 1993 comedy grumpy old men. The plot follows two grumpy neighbors with a years-long rivalry, whose already contentious relationship is further complicated by the arrival of a new, handsome neighbor, played by Ann Margret.

Raised by the screen charm of Lemmon and Matthau, grumpy old men is a fun look at adult friendships. The feuds between the two actors are the daily bread of the film, creating an often cruel but always entertaining dynamic. grumpy old men may not reinvent the comedy genre, but it offers plenty of laughs and a surprisingly sweet take on male friendships.

‘Chocolate’ (2000)

Juliette Binoche stars in the 2000 romantic comedy-drama Chocolate. The film centers on Vianne, who arrives with her six-year-old daughter in a small French village, where she opens a chocolate factory. Soon, his delicious creations start a tidal wave of change for the inhabitants of the village, including Armande, Vianne’s lonely and embittered landlady.

Judi Dench received her third Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Armande. His relationship with Vianne de Binoche is one of the highlights of the film, largely thanks to the funny and tender back and forth between the two seasoned professionals.

“The Lady in the Van” (2015)

Maggie Smith made a career out of playing haughty English women. The two-time Oscar winner continued this trend well into the new millennium, though she often adopted quirkier personas. The Lady in the Van is a prime example, finding Smith at his most eccentric. The beloved actress plays Mary Shepherd, a woman who spends fifteen years living in a ramshackle van parked in a man’s driveway.

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Based on a true story, The Lady in the Van is a sweet and touching comedy. Smith is having the best time of her life playing the endearing Mary, while Alex Jennings makes a perfect straight man for his antics. The Lady in the Van can be too sweet at times, but Smith and Jennings’ dynamic makes the movie worth watching.

“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (2011)

Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, Queens of the Unexpected Friendship Genre, Star in 2011’s Sleeper Hit Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Joined by Penelope Wilton, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson and Dev Patelthe veteran actresses play English pensioners who travel to India to stay at a retirement hotel run by an overly enthusiastic young man.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is charming to a fault, offering a refreshing take on how someone can and should spend their golden years. The contrast between Patel’s brazen enthusiasm and the more stoic attitudes of the English creates a delightful dynamic that separates Best Exotic Marigold Hotel other similar stories.

“The Untouchables” (2011)

One of the essential French films that everyone should see, The Untouchables is a staple of the buddy comedy genre. movie stars Omar Si and François Cluzet and follows the budding friendship between a paraplegic Parisian aristocrat and his home concierge.

The Untouchables portrays the central relationship with nuance, even if it avoids dealing with the more delicate aspects of the dynamic. Yet the film is a triumphant depiction of the friendship born of the most unconventional of circumstances, and provides a brilliant showcase for Cluzet and Sy’s considerable talents.

“Downtown Girls” (2002)

The end Brittany Murphy and a nine-year-old child Dakota Fanning 2003 comedy star trendy girls. The story centers on Molly, the orphaned daughter of a rock star who loses her wealth after being scammed by her manager. Forced to accept a nanny job from a serious young girl, the two form an unlikely bond.

trendy girls may seem conventional and silly, but there’s a surprising shine to the film’s simplicity. Thanks to Murphy and Fanning’s dynamic, the film is a fun subversion of the unlikely friendship genre, presenting the adult as the carefree, immature contrast to a stoic, emotionally unavailable child.

‘Victoria & Abdul’ (2017)

Victoria and Abdul stars Judi Dench as Queen Victoria and Ali Fazal like his loyal Indian Muslim servant, Abdul Karim. The film explores their unexpected bond at a time when she questions her position and finds herself alone and bored with her usual companions.

Thanks to the warm dynamics of Dench and Fazal, Victoria and Abdul is the rare biopic that reveals something new about its real subject. It might not be one of the best biopics of the 21st century, but it’s a sweet and insightful look at the life of an English monarch that many consider transparent.

“About Schmidt” (2002)

Jack Nicholson delivers one of the best performances of his impressive career as an Oscar nominee Alexander Payne2002 comedy-drama About Schmidt. The film tells the story of Warren Schmidt, a man suffering from an existential crisis following the death of his wife.

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About Schmidt is a thoughtful look at the frustration of dying and the tragedy of a seemingly aimless life. Powered by Nicholson’s tour de force performance, the film presents a deeply moving portrait of a man desperate to find meaning after living a life that many, including himself, might find inconsequential. Few films can capture a person’s feelings as effectively as About Schmidt.

“Nebraska” (2013)

Alexander Payne wrote and directed the 2013 dark comedy Nebraska, one of the great black and white films of the 21st century. movie stars Bruce Dern and Arnett as a father and son who go on a road trip to claim a million dollar lottery prize.

Dern received his first Oscar nomination in thirty-five years for his performance as a stubborn, bad-tempered man obsessed with claiming his award. Nebraska is a beautiful and heartfelt exploration of the generational divide and the often contentious relationship between absent parents and adult sons. With great performances from Dern and stage stealing June Squibb, Nebraska is a modern classic.

“Up” (2009)

Pixar is famous for its thoughtful and emotional films, which explore almost every aspect of human nature. 2009 Up is a wonderful example of the heights that animation can reach. The plot centers on Carl Fredricksen, a bitter man who ties thousands of balloons to his house, attempting to take it to the South American desert and fulfill a promise made to his late wife.

Up is one of Pixar’s most emotional and bittersweet films. The central friendship between Carl and nine-year-old Russell is richly presented and expanded upon, showcasing an unlikely but ultimately rewarding bond between two lonely souls who find solace in each other.

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