20 vintage dresses that marked the red carpets

the vintage is in fashion. And if the second-hand industry is experiencing exponential success with ordinary mortals caught between economic imperatives and ecological concerns, it now enjoys the support of choice from a new class of ambassadors: celebrities. .

Formerly keen on silhouettes that had just paraded on the catwalks of Fashion Week, the VIPs of this world no longer hesitate to appear on the red carpet in vintage designer dresses and outfits.

And it’s no surprise that the young generation of actresses, singers and other influencers that we find at the forefront of this movement, all in a more or less sincere approach to fashionable eco-responsibility.

If the actress Zendaya has become a customary of the fact by opting for vintage Valentino or Roberto Cavalli dresses, others opt for one shot noticed as the singer Cardi B who, at the 2019 Grammy Awards, literally broke the internet in a 1995 Thierry Mugler dress.

During the MET Gala 2021, the appearance of Kim Kardashian in iconic Marilyn Monroe dress had not failed to cause debate, then raising the question of the limits of vintage from an exclusively media perspective.

Media stunt or ecological concern?

Never mind, the girls in sight do not seem resigned to turning away from the trend, the latter giving them fashion legitimacy and credibility.

“People know very well that the stars get paid to wear the dresses on the red carpet,” Chérie Balch, founder of vintage e-shop Shrimpton Couture, explained in a New York Times article.

“So when someone chooses to wear vintage, he or she chooses to assert their identity. He or she wears it because he or she likes the outfit, not because he or she is paid to wear it. do it. It gives the impression that he or she is therefore more authentic,” she says.

In short, a fashion statement that has become commonplace, which nevertheless finds its first infancy in the fashion sphere of the 90s when the Lily & Cie boutique, which has since become a veritable institution of vintage in Los Angeles, dresses all the celebrities with a view to its high-end treasures. couture, from Demi Moore to Kate Moss via Renee Zellweger.

A way already at the time to stand out from its pairs with a rare and unique outfit, far from any ecological concerns.

And if the latter are on everyone’s lips today, celebrities cannot deny that, more than ever in the age of social networks, such stylistic audacity allows them to make a remarkable appearance.

The proof by 20.

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20 vintage dresses that marked the red carpets