Alexandre: Colin Farrell was too ashamed after the horrible reviews of the film

More than 17 years later, Colin Farrel still remembers the shame he felt after the unfavorable reviews on the alexander ofOliver Stone.

2022 has been a very good year for Colin Farrell. In the cinema, on the platforms and in the films as in the series, we can even say that the gentleman made a faultless. After Yang, The North Water, The Batman, Thirteen Lives and more recently the sublime The Banshees of Inisherin – with which he was crowned with his second Golden Globes with the award for best actor in a comedy – testified to this.

And the future looks just as warm for the Irishman with an upcoming series on his Penguin, seen in Matt Reeves’ feature film. Enough to make us forget a little slump in 2020 and 2021 with Ava, Artemis Fowl or Travelers. Despite a certain irregularity in view of his career choices, it is difficult not to recognize him as a talent for the game. However, he had not been defended at all in 2005 in alexander by Oliver Stone.

He had to take example from his colleague Jared Leto

The actor has indeed confided in the microphone of The Hollywood Reporter on the shame that inhabited him when the film came outwhen the critics fell on him:

“Waiting is a dangerous thing. A lot has happened with alexander. It was the most important production in which I took part [à l’époque] […] it was a story Oliver Stone dreamed of since he was in college. So as grand, global, political, thrilling, violent and essential as it has been – it was really a project close to my heart.

When I say “expectations”, we all had our tuxedos ready. I’m not even kidding. There were guys, who were all like, “Well, guys, we’re going to the Oscars. It’s a safe bet”, because we had Oliver Stone, a story of this magnitude, a moving script, brilliant and so muscular, and then he came out. I was in Toronto, and I got a little kick in the ass, which doesn’t mean I deserved itI just want to be clear.

Alexander : Photo by Colin Farrell“Breathe, try to forget, ignore criticism…”

I remember my sister Claudine saying: “Oh my God. This is not good”. And Danica, who is here today, saying, “This is really not good.” And me: “What do you mean, not good?” […] and they had all the reviews printed, […] I discovered themAlexander the boring, the inarticulate, the weak, I was so ashamed. »

To realize how his Alexandre has been decried, the actor received a nominationat the Razzie Awards of 2005 where the worst performances and productions are honored (and it was the first nomination of his career in an awards ceremony). Fortunately, the star bounced back very quickly sincehe won his first Golden Globes in 2009. The same price as in 2022, with the same playmate (Brendan Gleeson), the same filmmaker (Martin McDonagh), but for Kisses from Bruges (so he knows what he has to do if he wants to nab another one).

After that, Colin Farrell confirmed his potential at Terrence Malick (The new World), Michael Mann (miami vice), Scott Cooper (crazyheart), Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster and Killing of the Sacred Deer) or Guy Ritchie, brilliant in the register of comedy (in a different way than in McDonagh’s feature film) with his Coach in The Gentlemen. Suffice to say that a bad patch sometimes allows you to refocus on projects that lead to glory.

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Alexandre: Colin Farrell was too ashamed after the horrible reviews of the film