An animated film created in Roubaix on the way to the Oscars 2022

The short film “Migrants”, directed by 5 students from the Pôle 3D school in Roubaix, is in the running for the 2022 Oscars alongside another film supported by Pictanovo. (© Migrants / Pôle 3D)

We don’t stop him anymore! Having already won a prestigious award at the VES Awards, a festival considered the “Oscars” for visual effects, Migrants might well compete for the real ones Oscars 2022. This animated short film, created by five students from the Pôle 3D school in Roubaix, tells the story of two polar bears forced into exile because of global warming.

The ultimate consecration for a graduation project

Incredible journey that that of this animated film. Because originally Migrants is an end-of-studies project delivered after 5 years at the Pôle 3D school, in Roubaix. Five students – Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte and Zoé Devise – worked tirelessly for two years on this little 8-minute gem.

We discover a mother polar bear and her cub, forced into exile because of global warming. “During their trip, they will arrive in new lands and meet brown bears with whom they will try to live together,” Hugo Caby told us when we interviewed him last April.

Discover the short film below Migrants:

Migrants He had just won an award at the VES (Visual Effects Society) Awards, a festival that can be compared to the Oscars for visual effects and animation. Apart from this incredible distinction, the short film had already been selected in no less than 80 festivals around the world, and had won around twenty awards.

While they’ve already won their favorite award at the VES Awards, the five students still have a chance to shine. Indeed, their masterpiece is part of the list of 18 short animation films eligible for the 2022 Oscars.

Another film supported by Pictanovo

As good news never comes alone, another short film is part of this “short-list”. It is Remember Remember, a film by Bastien Dubois, produced by Blast Production, ARTE and supported by Pictanovo.

Synopsis: “For ten years I wanted to get my grandfather to talk about his war in Algeria. Today I am no longer sure I want to hear what he has to say… nor that I want to make this film for that matter. “

Discover the short film Remember Remember below :

Fingers crossed for these two short films to be among the nominees.

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An animated film created in Roubaix on the way to the Oscars 2022