Avatar 2 (already) surpasses one billion in revenue worldwide

Avatar 2: The Waterwaythe new jewel signed james cameronhas just surpassed one billion in box office revenue worldwide.

Before the release ofAvatar 2: The Waterway, many critics have declared that in thirteen years, the first film in the saga created by James Cameron had been forgotten by the general public and most moviegoers. However, at the end of 2022, the new film by the director ofAliens and D’Abyss its widely accepted at the worldwide box office.

Indeed, in just two weeks of operation worldwide, Avatar 2: The Waterway has already surpassed the symbolic billion dollar mark at the box office. A performance that the first part took 19 days to accomplish, when it was initially released in 2009. It is the sixth film in the entire history of cinema to have reached the billion mark in such a short time.

The film directed by James Cameron has therefore greatly exceeded the Black Panther (803 million), minions (939 million) and others Doctor Strange (955 million) to stay in the top 3 of the biggest hits of 2022, before soon taking the lead. As a reminder, the only other films this year to exceed $1 billion at the worldwide box office are Jurassic World: The World After (1.001 billion) and Top Gun: Maverick (1.4 billion). Monday, Avatar 2 has grossed over $293 million in the United States, including $95 million over the Christmas weekend.

Impressive figures, although reduced by extreme weather conditions (freezing temperatures, thick layers of snow and intense winds) which have slowed down, or even completely shut down, a whole section of American cinemas. On French territory, The Way of the Water attracted more than 5.7 million spectators in dark rooms, with an attendance that even increased the scores of its first week of operation by 10%.

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It is already the second biggest success in French cinemas of the year 2022behind Top Gun: Maverick and its 6.6 million tickets sold. France is thus the second largest international market for the film directed by James Cameron, just behind China which has already collected more than 104.5 million dollars on its territory.

As a reminder, Avatar first of the name had raised more than 202 million dollars in China when it was released in early 2010. Regarding Avatar 2his third largest international market is South Korea, where he was a hit with 55.4 million in revenue. It is currently the third highest grossing in the territory, behind the film The Roundup (99.6 million) and Top Gun 2 (67.3 million).

Avatar: The Waterway: photoThe real juggernaut of 2022

The Way of the Water will he be able to do better than the first Avatar (more than 2.9 billion)? Hard to say, especially since some obstacles are already emerging on the road to the success of the filmbetween the bad weather in North America, the return of the Covid-19 pandemic (especially in China) and the absence of a release in Russia, where the first part had collected around 116 million dollars in revenue.

As a reminder, the production budget ofAvatar 2: The Waterway amounts to 350 million dollars. James Cameron has announced that he will have to exceed $2 billion at the global box office for his film to be profitable. However, according to varietyanalysts would place more the break-even point of the film around 1.5 billion in revenue.

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Avatar 2 (already) surpasses one billion in revenue worldwide