Billie Eilish shortlisted at the Oscars for Best Song!

An Oscar for Billie Eilish? The singer was in any case selected for the best film music with No time to Die!

Dying can wait, but the rewards don’t wait! After her superb music for the latest James Bond, Billie Eilish received a shortlist to win an Oscar… MCETV explains everything about this (maybe) big victory!

An Oscar for James Bond?

Because the competition is likely to be tougher than ever for the Oscar for best song this year… There are indeed incredible singers on all floors. To start with a duo in duel: Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

In love and happy in life, the couple will indeed challenge each other. One will thus defend Be Alive when the other will represent Guns go bang. In the middle of the couple, Billie Eilish might play well the disturbances after his performance in No time to die.

The artist indeed had the chance and the honor to sing the credits of the last James Bond. A James Bond who also risks making history. Because he will be the last for Daniel Craig. And also because its end shocked a lot of fans.

In the midst of this very personal film about the hero 007, Billie Eilish has a special place. The artist indeed moved the crowds with his superb song No Time to die. Enough to be entitled to the congratulations of critics… And an Oscar nomination.

A real victory for a singer who will thus remain as one of the strongest personalities of the year 2021. She has indeed obtained this award from the PETA association for his green commitments … But the young woman is not satisfied with that.

Billie Eilish shortlisted at the Oscars for Best Song!

Billie Eilish: a star on all fronts

Between her commitments and the music, everyone salutes the work of the young artist. But can it do as well as its predecessors? Indeed, singing the song from the credits of James Bond often comes down to win the Oscar for best song.

Sam Smith for Specter, Adele, for Skyfall : planetary stars have thus succeeded in the James Bond bet. So why not Billie Eilish? The young singer managed a very personal credits. But also very much in the typical 007 tones …

But opposite, other great artists seek to block his path. Indeed, in addition to Jay-Z, named for the film The Harder they fall, with other artists, or Beyoncé for King Richard, U2 is also in the preselection of the Oscars!

The band at Bono has indeed recorded Your song saved my life, For the movie Song 2. In all, 15 songs with great artists received a preselection… Enough to initiate a huge competition between stars of global renown.

U2, Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, Jay-Z: who will win the Oscar for best music? Another artist is also aiming for this title: Ariana Grande. The artist has indeed checked in Just look up with Kid Cudi… And is also found in the competition.

The competition promises to be very tough for the next Oscars. By the time the ceremony, on March 27, 10 artists will have left the painting… So, who will be the 5 selected to win the title the best song?

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Billie Eilish shortlisted at the Oscars for Best Song!