Booba takes himself for Will Smith at the Oscars 2022 and attacks Sinik!

In full promotion of his album, Sinik spoke about his relationship with Booba. And as much to say that it did not please him at all.

While theit was thought that the tensions had subsidedthe war started again between Sinik and Booba. But what happened between the two rappers? The MCE TV editorial explains everything from A to Z!

It’s war again between Sinik and Booba

As you probably know, Booba is very busy at the moment. The latter continues to exhibit his political opinions, in view of the presidential elections. Like it or not!

He also happens to to advertise to his little proteges. But that’s not all. According to rumors, Booba would be preparing a series called Ourika. Well I say, it does things!

Despite this, Booba always has time for one or two clashes. Recently, he took it out on Sinik. And this, only a few days after supporting him.

Truth be told, he went too far. In full promotion of his album, titled NiksiSinik would have dared to say that the other artists had scared to ask him for a feat.

And it does not stop there. Sinik would also have claimed that Booba was not an impressive guy. The latter commented on the sequence as follows: “Keep my name out of your mouth. It’s better, it’s not going to bring you anything. ». Clear, crisp and precise.

Do you want to know more about their clash? So feel free to continue reading. The MCE TV editorial staff gives you other information, just below.

Booba takes himself for Will Smith at the Oscars 2022 and attacks Sinik!

Will Smith inspires the Duke

You will no doubt have noticed it, through his spade, Booba refers to the behavior of Will Smith, during the Oscars 2022. As a reminder, during this famous ceremony, the presenter Chris Rock had the misfortune to crack a joke on the hairstyle of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The latter has a shaved head due to an illness.

This greatly annoyed the actor. He got up and slapped the presenter. “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.” »he then ordered.

As for Sinik, he just replied: “I don’t expect it to bring me anything. EI reassure you: it bugs my balls much more than it does you to harp on the same things for fifteen years. But don’t worry, we’ve briefed the media. “.

However, this is not the first time that Booba is inspired by Will Smith in his clashes. Lately, he threatened Vald to inflict the same punishment as Chris Rock.

“Vald, are you ready for the Oscars at the Francos? »he wrote in Instagram Storieswith a humor of its own, before sending him a ton of other messages in the same genre.

Of course, the principal concerned did not follow up and things ended up settling. But something tells us thatthis is not a classified story. A bit like the Sinik / Booba quarrel finally.

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Booba takes himself for Will Smith at the Oscars 2022 and attacks Sinik!