Booba Vs Maes: the two rappers insult each other violently on social networks!

Booba and Maes will never make peace! Their conflict goes far too far and even turns into a battle of insults on the networks!

Only tensions between Booba and Maes. While they were friends, they are now the greatest enemies of the planet Rap. They stop insulting each other on social networks. And this time, this war is going way too far!

The tone rises between Booba and Maes

Nothing goes between Booba and Maes! The two rappers continue to insult each other every day. They seem to hate each other the most. And things are picking up steam. Indeed, the rapper from Sevran is touched in his ego. Very upset by Booba’s publications, so he decided to share ado video of him where he humiliates her agains.

For the background, remember that the Duc de Boulogne shared the face of the sister, and of the wife of Maes. With the following message: And poor Asma, she didn’t ask for anything, you put her in salads. On the other hand, it’s burst, we understand better why you’re in blood on ”. Another humiliation on Twitter!

The Sevranais was so angry that he hit a Booba fan who broadcast the photo of his wife. Mad with rage, Booba wrote on Twitter “But the biggest scale before you is your cell phone!” You coward, you really are a piece of shit. Thank god he’s fine. 5 to 1 did well.

But Maes provoked it all the more: “We know that you’ve been living in Miami for 16 years, your mother was kidnapped. You asshole. Me there was something, action reaction. I walk on my two legs, this is not the case with Owl, this is not the case with the others.

Before continuing: “But bro, you had to tell me when you got on the plane, you said ‘goodbye’ to Omar, it looks like you were going to die, you big bitch you are. He just missed the tear in his eye and it was the Oscars.”

Who will sting his enemy the most?

Decidedly, the war will last a long time because Maes does not go back down in pressure. To enrage Booba, he appeared at a concert in Gims. But also at a showcase of Rohff. Or the other two enemies of B20. Indeed, the latter hates them to the highest point. He even enjoys tackling Meugui on his declining sales. But also on his feats with Carla Bruni for example. Omar’s dad from little Luna even tackled Gims’ father because of his skin lightened with chemicals.

But lately, Booba has been discreet in this period of the World Cup. He only contented himself with tackling Karim Benzema, congratulating his opponent Olivier Giroud. In the meantime, Maes is having a hard time getting over it. Latelyhe posted the following message: “When you took the plane, when you were in France, you had to tell me: Georgey, I am in Meudon La Forêt. Not I’m with Lucy”. He seemed ready to fight with him…

The Duke of Boulogne has not yet reacted. But it’s only a matter of time ! Maybe he is preparing a big offensive who knows! So it’s a case to follow!

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Booba Vs Maes: the two rappers insult each other violently on social networks!