Can Will Smith lose his prize after his slap in full live?

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The 2022 Oscars ceremony was marked by a very violent gesture from Will Smith towards Chris Rock. Could this slap cost him his Best Actor Oscar?

The 94th Academy Awards took place on March 27, 2022 in Los Angeles. As every year, the evening was marked by parades of star couples on the red carpet, fiery speeches, emotion during the award ceremony. But this year, one event unfortunately stole the show from the others. Will Smith is indeed on stage in full live to slap Chris Rock. The latter had just made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith and her disease alopecia. For this gesture, Will Smith received the support of his son Jaden, also very protective of his mother.

A few minutes later, Will Smith came back on stage this time to receive Best Actor Oscar for his performance in the film The Williams Method. The viewers were surprised, even outraged, as were the other celebrities present in the assembly. Many therefore wonder whether the Academy which awards the prizes each year couldgiven the circumstances, take it back from Will Smith after his display of violence.

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Will Smith’s gesture contrary to the Academy’s code of conduct

Responding anonymously to our colleagues at the New York Post, a high-ranking member of the Academy of Oscars reportedly said following the incident: “This is violent aggression, pure and simple. Everyone in the room was very shocked, and very uncomfortable. I think Will won’t want to return his award, but honestly, it’s still too early to tell what consequences his action will have.

In 2017, in the midst of the Me Too wave, the Academy of Oscars edited and published a specific code of conduct. It stipulates that its members and the people it rewards must best represent the values ​​it wishes to convey: inclusiveness, equality, benevolence, and respect for everyone’s physical integrity. Following his gesture, Will Smith immediately apologized. Upon receiving his Oscar for best actor, he could not hold back his tears and justified himself by saying that “love makes you do stupid things”. The Academy should probably decide in the hours or days to come on the particular situation of Will Smith. The latter should no doubt present a new official apology to Chris Rock and the Academy for his gesture. Alerted, the Los Angeles police explained that, for the time being, Chris Rock “refused to press charges“. If he changes his mind, she”will be available to complete an investigation report.

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Can Will Smith lose his prize after his slap in full live?