Canary: the film by an Outaouais creator on the way to the Oscars

Launched at the Toronto International Film Festival last September, Canary is the result of an idea that the 3D animator had more than 10 years ago with his colleague, Benoit Therriault, coming from the South Shore of Montreal. This duo, the public knows it without knowing it: colleagues for 15 years, the two have worked to produce several advertisements, including animated campaigns for IGA grocery stores.

Canary is their first short film. In about ten years, we made more than 40 commercials, but our goal was always to tell our own storiessummarizes Pierre-Hugues Dallaire.

From dream to reality

This film is the culmination of a childhood dream for the two artists, now members of the Rodeo FX team, a visual effects company in Montreal.

Pierre-Hugues Dallaire created his first modeling clay animations at the age of 19 for a television show, why be normal ? For Benoit Therriault, everything stems from a unconditional love for disneywhich led him to comics, to cinema, then to animated films.

Canary, silent animated film of 12 minutes, depicts a boy working in a mine among the adults, in 1922. His task is to transport the canary used to detect the presence of methane, an invisible and odorless deadly gas. But both dreaming of sunshine and freedom, the child and the bird find a trick to rise to the surface, far from the dangers and darkness of the mine.

One of the biggest challenges has been to want to interest someone in producing the film, says Benoit Therrien. The President of Rodeo FX, Sebastien Moreau, came at a great time in our career, and we were able to interest him with this ideahe continues.

It then took put things in place within the box, adds Pierre-Hugues Dallaire. Rodeo FX Employees are special effects specialists. They do Stranger Things and Game Of Thronesfor example, but the film of animated characters, it was newhe explains.

Towards the Oscars

After being presented in some twenty festivals in Canada, the United States and Europe, Canary finds itself today on the list of 81 short films in the race for the Oscars of 2023. The list of 15 finalist films will be known on December 21.

The duo don’t allow yourself to believe that again, says Pierre-Hugues Dallaire. For the moment, Canary will continue its tour of film festivals until September 2023. It would then be made available to the public on a paid streaming platform or on YouTube.

What are the co-creators most proud of? This is exactly the movie we wanted to make.rejoices Pierre-Hugues Dallaire. It really represents our vision of the thing. And very, very subjectively, if I listened to that film as a child, it would be my favorite film, because it picks up the things that affect me.

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Canary: the film by an Outaouais creator on the way to the Oscars