Carcassonne: Monday, May 23, the Midi Olympique Oscars will put USC in the spotlight

Leaders, players, supporters: all the facets of the Carcassonne rugby club will be highlighted and rewarded, as part of this free evening, open to all, organized at the Dôme by the daily Midi Olympique and the Dépêche group. A legitimate recognition coming to greet a season that will remain in the history of USC.

It’s no secret: this season, the US Carcassonne has marked the spirits of the Pro D2. Optimizing the human and financial resources that are its own, the club has been able to climb into the big leagues and reach the doors of the Top 14. A sporting performance but not only, and it is precisely the involvement of all strata of the USC which will reward the Oscars of the Midi Olypmique, this Monday, May 23 at the center of the congresses of the Dôme.

“The club has just completed a historic season, reaching the final stages of Pro D2 for the first time”recalls Philippe Oustric, director of the Oscars of “Midol”. “It’s an incredible club that manages with very little means: there is a gap of up to 20 million euros with the ”top” formations! People don’t realize the job done! We wanted to highlight this work, also driven by the sense and managerial genius of Christian Labit”. USC also won unanimous support because it “does a lot for training”and “symbolizes a whole territory”.

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For the club, this honor from DU daily rugby reference is seen as a great recognition of the efforts made. “The Midi Olympique contacted us at the end of April because they wanted to distinguish our season and the positive image that the club gives off”explains Jonathan Jourdan, commercial director of the USC. “For us, it’s a reward at all levels: sporting of course, but also associative with volunteers, supporters, the rugby school…”


The Midi Olympique Oscar will be awarded to scrum-half Samuel Marquès. “He had a remarkable season, he’s a real catalyst for the team”, says Philippe Oustric. Full-back Maxime Giannet will receive the Oscar Espoir: “Christian Labit spotted him when he was playing at Gruissan in Federal 2, gave him a chance, and he broke through!” A volunteer trophy will also salute the popular enthusiasm that USC has created around him, and all rugby fans will be able to take part in the festivities.

This is a free evening open to all.insists Jonathan Jourdan. It is possible to register on the Midi Olymique and USC sites, but people will also be welcomed on site the same evening.. USC hopes to bring together more than a thousand participants for what promises to be the great celebration of yellows and blacks to which are also expected René Bouscatel, president of the National Rugby League, Didier Lacroix, president of the Toulouse Stadium, as well as other surprise guests…

“For the club, this is a tremendous reward, the recognition of its progress in all the strata of its operation.concludes Jonathan Jourdan. The fact that a newspaper such as the Midi Olympique and the Dépêche group dedicate an evening to us is obviously very beneficial, for USC but also for the city of Carcassonne as a whole.”. More than a consecration, confirmation that the path chosen is indeed the right one.

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Carcassonne: Monday, May 23, the Midi Olympique Oscars will put USC in the spotlight