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In 2003, Charlize Theron starred in a role that would later become one of her most acclaimed performances: she played real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Freak, and the actor ditched vanity in order to change his appearance for the role. His work earned Theron his first-ever Oscar statue, and fans and critics alike were thrilled to see what the South African actor would do next. That’s why it was a surprise when she decided to take a role in a niche comedy sitcom called Development stopped.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Theron opened up about the odd decision and revealed it was a calculated choice. During the time she was thrown Development stoppedshe had also played the lead role in the sci-fi action Aeon Stream, which was released in 2005. The film did poorly at the box office, earning just over $50 million. Theron says she knew the movie wasn’t going to do well, and she also had in mind that her childhood story combined with poor box office numbers could end her career – so she decided to try something different in order to showcase his talent:

“It was one of the scariest things, walking on set of a show that is so developed and so brilliant. But I think I needed that, to present myself in a different way, because people thought of me as fucking depressing, like my mom had shot my dad. [When Theron was 15, her dad came home drunk and threatened her and her mom with a gun, prompting her mother to shoot and kill him in what officials later determined was self-defense.] And I just loved that show, and it’s gonna sound so “poor me,” but I feel like sometimes as women we get a chance and I knew “Aeon Flux” was gonna be a fucking flop. I knew that from the start, that’s why I did “Arrested Development”.

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Theron also remarked that not being a producer and not having the influence she has these days hasn’t given her the power to speak up and say what she thinks isn’t working. Aeon stream. She points out that this was further compounded by the fact that she was a woman at a time when the industry frequently ignored women’s opinions: “I didn’t really have the experience to say what I believe Tom Cruise may have said over the past 20 years”. years, i.e. ‘Shut this shit down, put four more writers on it and let’s fix this.’”

Aeon Stream was adapted from a popular MTV animated series and tells the story of a woman who discovers a conspiracy in the utopian world of 2415 in which she lives. Development stopped, though overwhelmingly acclaimed, is a comedy series that had a limited audience and was prematurely canceled. The series was revived by Netflix in 2013 and was one of the flagship original titles to catapult the streamer’s popularity.

You can watch a clip of Charlize Theron in Development stopped below:

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Charlize Theron Explains Why She Followed Oscar Win With Arrested Development – Nifey