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Oscars 2021: a ceremony for History but without news

For its 93rd edition, the Oscars have played it low profile by moving the festivities to Union Station, the Los Angeles train station, to accommodate a minimum of people due to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. United. A low profile also in the list of films selected for nominations, depriving themselves of traditional studio films calibrated for this type of event and which had to postpone their theatrical release.

This did not prevent us from delivering some lessons during the awards ceremony. Nomadland by Chloé Zhao, an over-aesthetic film on nomadic life made in the USA, is the main winner of this great turnaround in the Oscar competition with three prizes: best film, best actress for Frances McDormand and that of the realization for Chloé Zhao. A historic award for the director who is only the second in history to win in this category, eleven years after the pioneer Kathryn Bigelow was for Minesweepers. Doubly historic since she is also the first non-American filmmaker to distinguish herself in this category – like Bong Joon-Ho last year with Parasite.

A consecration that is contested because of the burning and necessary news of certain films – Promising Young Woman, Judah and the Black Messiah and Chicago Seven – but also a terrible snob towards Mank by David Fincher – put right in the closet in our opinion for its old world side. It will not yet be the year of consecration for Fincher, director of The Social Network, Gone Girl and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. We are however delighted for the second Oscar of Anthony Hopkins for his role in Tea Father and finally the success of Drunk which in addition to obtaining the animation prize, collects the prize for the best soundtrack for the work of Trent Reznor and Atticus, the new kings of film music.

Quentin Billet-Garin

Annette, the latest film by Léos Carax will open the Cannes film festival

After Holy Motors and Tokyo! who had already appeared in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 and 2012, Annette, Léos Carax’s latest feature film will open it. Originally scheduled for early 2021, the film’s release had been postponed due to the pandemic. Annette therefore in theaters from July, the day of its broadcast in Cannes. A highly anticipated film, which tells the romance between a stand-up actor and a renowned singer, overwhelmed by the birth of their first daughter. The leading roles are played by Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver.

Emma poesy

The Oscar for Colette

Twenty-five precious minutes are enough for Colette Marin-Catherine to tell us about her brother Jean-Pierre, whose footsteps she follows in Germany on the site of the former Dora concentration camp, where as a young adult, he died of exhaustion. March 22, 1945. Colette is accompanied on her pilgrimage by Lucie Fouble, a young volunteer at the Coupole d’Helfaut, who is working on the edition of a biographical note on Jean-Pierre Catherine, to appear in the dictionary of the 9000 deportees of France passed through the Mittelbau-Dora camp, led by historian Laurent Thiery. “I could have brought him flowers”, will she regret once there; Hollywood preferred to pay homage to him with an Oscar, that of the best documentary short film during the ceremony on April 25.

Co-directed by Anthony Giacchino and Alice Doyard, Colette is in the image of its eponymous heroine: frank, proud, strong, funny, modest and tender. The power of the documentary is nourished by the work of transmission at work, both between Colette the resistant and the historian Lucie, as between the viewer and his duty to remember. Originally integrated in virtual reality in the video game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond among other mini-portraits of WWII veterans, the film is available for free on its distributor’s YouTube channel, The Guardian.

Adeline Chantoiseau

Arte produces the H24 series, a manifesto against violence against women

Already in the process of filming, H24 will offer twenty-four short manifestos which will present in a few minutes various emblematic facts from the life of a woman. Nathalie Masduraud and Valérie Urréa, at the initiative of the series, wish to illustrate the daily life of women, ranging from the most heroic moments to the most innocuous.

The resolutely heterogeneous project is supported by twenty-four European writers and twenty-four actresses. In writing, we find the French Alice Zeniter (Like an empire in an empire), Lalon Lafon (Chavirer) or even Chloé Delaume. The actresses were selected so as to constitute a heterogeneous mosaic. We will find for example Diane Kruger, Camille Cottin or Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, but also less known actresses like Valeria Golino, Charlotte de Bryne or Kayje Kagame.

Emma poesy

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CINE NEWS – A look at the 2021 Oscars –