Côtes-d’Armor: Aurélie, from SAS Bernard, Oscar for “Young Entrepreneurs”

Aurélie Blandel has been managing the Bernard Group (175 employees) since 2019. ©Le Courrier Indépendant

The Oscars of Côtes-d’Armor companies reward the “virtuous actions” of local businesses.

On the 2022 list, the 10e since the creation of the Oscars, figure Aurélie Blandel distinguished by a Oscar “Young Entrepreneurs”.

HAS 34 years oldthis young mother runs since December 2019 at Loudeacthe SAS Bernarda key player in Brittany of the sale and some repair of agricultural material (mainly tractors, harvesting and support equipment). The Bernard Group now has 175 employees In the region. It was founded in 1987 by Aurélie Blandel’s maternal grandfather, Jean Michel Bernard.

A not obvious sequence…

A character “very charismatic, decision maker of everything”, depicts Aurélie Blandel. “Resume behind this personality…” A great challenge to take up. If it did not “revolutionize” the “fundamentals” of the group when it took over, its functioning was nonetheless amended. It’s done, let’s say, less pyramidal and more horizontal now.

Rather successfully, moreover: “For the moment, it works“, smiles the head of the company.

It was not a foregone conclusion. Not only does she take the place of the emblematic “patriarch”, but she must evolve in a fundamentally masculine environment. ” 80% of employees are men ; we make mechanical…” she explains.

Ditto on the client side: Aurélie deals much more often with farmers than women farmers. But, again, everything is going very well.

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It must be said that, the grandfather’s box, she “bathed” in it “since she was little” and that the successionshe there thought from long time. “My whole school career was shaped around that…”

In 2012, the year she joined the company, after completing her business studies, SAS Bernard began the diversification of its activities. With the arrival of the JCB benchmark brand, maintenance activities were added. In 2014, the company also opened up to garden equipment.

Aurelie continues today the movement. With the primary objective of to reinforce them close links with the customer base. The Bernard company now has 11 agencies across Brittanybut to better serve part of the Morbihanshe goes to build a twelfth at Moreac next year, while developing the motoculture for the professionals.

The company’s development prospects also involve the introduction of motorized equipment electric and to hydrogenas is already the case for telescopic machines. “And also – maybe not in the short, but in the medium term – the passage to electric tractors“.

Aurélie Blandel during the ceremony on November 3 in Saint-Brieuc.
During the ceremony on November 3 in Saint-Brieuc. ©Oscar of Côtes-d’Armor Companies

It is therefore the dynamism of the young leader who is here symbolically rewarded. But this Oscar also comes “to show that it is possible to innovate and create value for companies, for employees and to have a positive impact for the territory”, in the words of the President of the Business Oscars , Michele Guibert.

“Together, we can bring about models that consume less energy and limited natural resources, generate less carbon, are more inclusive and more respectful of life”.

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Côtes-d’Armor: Aurélie, from SAS Bernard, Oscar for “Young Entrepreneurs”