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In just over a month will be held the 94th Academy Awards which will return to the Dolby Theater after a 2021 edition held at Union Station due to the pandemic. The evening will be broadcast live on the channel ABC (belonging to disney) in the United States and presented by three comedians and actresses, Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes. For a few years, however, the evening has been deserted by viewers and has had the worst audience scores. The 2021 edition was seen by less than 10 million viewers, the worst result in the history of the ceremony, while in 2018 they were nearly 30 million.

A big change in the broadcast of the Oscars

To inject more rhythm and in order to win back viewers, david rubin, president of the Academy announced in a long letter that 8 of the 23 award shows will not be broadcast live but will be pre-recorded one hour before the ceremony and edited during the broadcast. The categories concerned are:

  • Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack
  • Oscar for Best Decor
  • Oscar for Best Sound
  • Oscar for Best Editing
  • Oscar for Best Short Film
  • Oscar for Best Animated Short Film
  • Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film
  • Oscar for Best Makeup/Hairstyles

david rubin justifies this decision in order to give more rhythm to the ceremony with in particular happenings. All the other categories will be broadcast live.

If this initiative can be understandable because of the sometimes very long duration of the ceremony (more than 3 hours), it is however regrettable because the Oscars also reward workers in the shadows and the speeches in these categories will not be broadcast in full. It’s also a shame because costume designers, make-up artists, hairdressers, engineers, editors and other artists and technicians are only too rarely put forward during the promotion of films when they would have every right to talk about the work to which they participated. Moreover, the Oscars sometimes devote far too much time to actors and actresses, who certainly bring their letters of nobility to this ceremony, but do not always talk about cinema for the best reasons. In 2018, a similar initiative was planned but it caused such a stir that the Academy backed down due to industry protests.

The Oscar of the public is also debated

Last week, the Academy has announced that Internet users will also be able to vote for their favorite film with the #OscarFanFavorite. The film which is at the top of the trends for the moment is a film which, paradoxically, did not benefit from a cinema release, Cinderella with the singer Camila Cabello which has a large community of fans. Remember that it is possible to vote up to 20 times a day until March 3.

In the meantime, find the nominations for the 93rd Academy Awards.

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Eight Oscars will not be given live on television | Disneyphile