Halle Berry says historic Oscar win didn’t help career then

Halle Berry says her historic Oscar win for the film Monster ball didn’t really help her career by the time she won. These days, of course, Berry is not a name that inspires reflections on a struggling career. Over the past two decades, the actor has appeared in several X Men movies, starred as Bond-girl Jinx Johnson in Die another day and assumed the lead role in 2004 almost universally exhausted Catwoman. More recently, Berry released his first film, bruised, in which she also plays.

Among her greatest career achievements is her Oscar for Best Actress in 2001 Ball of the monsters. It wasn’t just an important victory for Berry, but an all-round historic victory, as she became the first black woman to win in this category – in fact, no woman of color has won this award since. The fact that this event happened relatively early in her career seemed to indicate that she was about to be catapulted to a new level of success.

However, Berry states in an interview with Variety that her historic Oscar win didn’t seem to help her career the way she expected. She describes how, after her victory, she thought she would be inundated with new scripts to read and have her pick of any project she wanted. According to the actor, however, while she couldn’t go anywhere without people recognizing her, her image within the industry had not changed. Berry describes his situation as “Suffering from being” just a pretty face “. ” See his full quote below:

I thought the script truck was going to back up to my door and throw them all. It’s my naivety. I have a historic victory. Clearly that is going to mean that this fight is going to be indelible for me. And that just didn’t happen. Weeks passed, and finally it took hold. Oh, I got this award, and I can’t go anywhere right now without someone knowing my name. But in the industry, the great famous directors, no one called. My reality returned to normal and I was still in pain for being “just a pretty face”.

Berry’s career has obviously grown considerably since receiving the award, and it certainly has more to do with the actor’s merit than the strength of an Oscar win. Berry recently accepted the Career Achievement Award at the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Black Cinema event, and she has openly explained that she doesn’t value winning too much. Berry encouraged his listeners to stop “May this be the measure of our value and our success. ”

Berry’s message about him Monster ball couldn’t come at a more opportune time. As she releases her first directorial film, she proves that while she’s never won another Oscar, her career is more powerful than it ever was. Berry is showing no signs of slowing down and has actually spoken about several movies that she would like to do in the future, including one in which she would play Zendaya’s mother. Until then, fans can get their fix by watching bruised on Netflix now.

Source: Variety

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Halle Berry says historic Oscar win didn’t help career then