House of Gucci: Lady Gaga on her way to the Oscar?

Lady Gaga radiates as Patrizia Photo credit: Instagram screenshot @ladygaga

It was one of the most anticipated films of the year: with House of Gucci, released in theaters on November 24, Ridley Scott brings to the screen the saga of one of the most famous families in fashion. Three decades of passion, betrayal, manipulation and revenge against a backdrop of luxury and the jet-set. A feature film served by the inhabited performance of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is Patrizia Reggiani, aka the Black Widow

Three years after A star is born, which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress and Best Original Song, Lady Gaga confirms her acting skills by lending her features to one of the most controversial figures of ‘Italy: Patrizia Reggiani, nicknamed the Black Widow, found guilty of having ordered the murder of her ex-husband Maurizio, heir to the Gucci empire, shot dead in front of his Milan offices on March 27, 1995.

Lady Gaga radiates in the role of Patrizia. We are caught up in the journey of this intelligent and ambitious woman, from the ingenuous to the wife eager for power and recognition until the fall. A scorned woman, ousted from the empire she helped build, replaced in her husband’s heart, Patrizia Reggiani went so far as to commit the irreparable.

Long preparation for the role

Perfectionist and demanding, Lady Gaga has been preparing for many months for her supporting role in the cinema. “I started working on it three years ago,” explains the actress in an interview with Vogue UK. I lived in his skin for a year and a half. Including nine months of speaking with an accent. Including off-camera. I never gave in, I stayed with her. ”

To become Patrizia Reggiani, Lady Gaga started by dyeing her platinum blonde hair dark brown. “It was very important for her to be really in character, just like she does with pop music, when she has pink or blue hair. She really embraces the creative process, ”explains Thomas Aspiras, her hairdresser for over 10 years. “It’s not an imitation, it’s an incarnation” insists the actress, who even went so far as to live in Italy for a while.

At the same time, Lady Gaga has documented herself at length on Patrizia Reggiani. She read the articles, watched the interviews, while trying to maintain an objective posture to be able to form her own opinion and compose her character. “I think she genuinely loved Maurizio, who gave her the opportunity to make a name for herself and exist. When he took back power from her, she was hurt in her flesh, ”explains the interpreter, who wants to see in her character more than a diamond-cruncher.

Lady Gaga transformed into Lady Gucci

Used to extreme transformations, Lady Gaga has been able to count on hairstyles, makeup and outfits to slip into Patrizia Reggiani’s skin. 60 hours of fittings were needed to polish the 54 looks worn throughout the film. Keys to his metamorphosis, the 10 wigs displayed on the screen alone cost the trifle of 10,000 dollars (more than 8,000 euros). It sometimes took four to five hours of daily work to recreate the hairstyles of the years of the time. On the jewelry side, the Roman jeweler Bulgari was chosen to enhance the actress’ outfits.

Lady Gaga, a new Oscar nomination on the horizon?

With this supporting role in the cinema, Lady Gaga proves that she deserved her stripes as an actress. Her striking performance, between flamboyance and darkness, the accuracy of her interpretation and her ability to embody Patrizia Reggiani in all its complexity, are hailed by critics. The New York Film Critics Circle has just awarded her the trophy for Best Actress. It’s hard to see how the star could miss a second Oscar nomination, perhaps with the coveted statuette this time around.

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House of Gucci: Lady Gaga on her way to the Oscar?