Interview. Originally from Cotentin, actor Stéphane Cornicard crowned in the United States!

Stéphane Cornicard received the ultimate award from the “Voice Arts Awards” in Los Angeles this Sunday, December 18, 2022. (©DP)

The comedian Stephane Cornicardnative cosqueville (delegated municipality of Vicq-sur-MerManche) won the prize for the best voiceover of the year to Los Angeles, on the night of December 18 to 19, 2022.

News: What is the “Voice Arts Awards”, the ceremony during which you received the prize for the best voice-over in Los Angeles on the night of Sunday December 18 to Monday December 19?

Stephane Cornicard: It’s the equivalent of an Oscar or a César, but it rewards, through all the media around the world, voice actors, voiceovers, for what they have been able to do during the ‘year. For several years, I have been part of the jury. This time, pushed by friends, I tried my luck by sending a proposal, a compilation of what I did. I was one of the two people selected among hundreds of others.

What did you offer to be accepted?

CS: A compilation of excerpts from what I was able to do in 2022. An advertisement for a tequila, the voice-over of a cartoon character, in this case William the Conqueror, or even that of a key character in the Battlefield 2042 video game… I tried, without really believing it. Then I received a notification inviting me to the ceremony. At first I hesitated, then since I also had to go near Los Angeles for another job, I said yes.

“I received a standing ovation”

How would you describe the atmosphere there?

CS: It all takes place in Warner Bros. Studios, a city unto itself. It’s so big, almost 4 km². It’s the same as during the Oscars ceremony, also in the same place. Everyone is very well dressed. Ties, tails, long dresses, everything is there.

What was your reaction to the announcement of this award?

CS: My prize was awarded last. When my name was announced, my reaction was not to shout, but to scream! I didn’t even think I had reacted, but a friend filmed me, and you can clearly see me screaming “Yes”. Then I had to give a speech. When I was at Diderot College in Tourlaville, I was martyred by another student for two years. When my parents took me to school, I hoped we would have a car accident. In this context, I then evoked my dream at that time, after having seen the film Tarzan (1934), that the latter would come and get me to save me. In 4th grade, I finally had the courage to face this student, who finally deflated when he saw that fear no longer had a hold on me. The moral of this story, sometimes you have to be your own Tarzan, rely only on yourself. I received a standing ovation.

With this ultimate distinction in hand, what are your ambitions now?

CS: Since then, I have been contacted by people in high places for future collaborations. In the meantime, the creator of a very well-known video game offered to write for me. I have been learning Japanese for this for six months. I would also like to get closer to Normandy. This is why I bought a house in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, a studio will be created there, in order to work for local companies, for advertising for example, or museums… That way, my family who stayed in Normandy will also be able to hear me!

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Interview by Sébastien LUCOT

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Interview. Originally from Cotentin, actor Stéphane Cornicard crowned in the United States!