Jaden Smith’s adorable Oscars clip resurfaces

At 23, Will Smith’s son Jaden is officially well into adulthood, but fans were treated to a 15-year throwback thanks to redone footage of him presenting an Oscar award.

The actor and rapper appeared in his first film, The pursuit of happinessalongside his father in 2006, when he was just six years old.

After officially establishing a career in the film industry, the young boy hit the stage at the Oscars the following year with Little Miss Sun star and fellow child actor Abigail Breslin to present the Best Short Film award.

Footage from the event shows the two now-adult celebrities walking up to the microphone before engaging in some classic onstage banter. After being asked by Abigail if he had a “good time” working with his dad, Jaden joked that no because he was tricked into making the movie on the assumption that it would be a comedy.

the Karate Kid The star then asked Abigail what her father does for a living, to which she replied, “He’s a computer systems analyst and a support technician consultant. »

Jaden Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness. Credit: Columbia Pictures/Alamy

When asked to clarify what he actually did, Abigail struck with the punchline, “I have no idea. »

Jaden managed to get one more laugh from the audience before the prize winner was announced, joking that he probably wouldn’t have read the right line when he moved on prematurely to try and deliver a second prize .

The young actors were hailed as ‘so cute’ after footage of their performance resurfaced online, with one viewer noting that the Oscars would be ‘so much more hilarious’ if the awards were presented by child actors.

“Jaden is adorable,” another fan commented, while a third wrote, “He was so cute. »

Smith described how his son ended up starring in The pursuit of happiness during his self-titled memoir published in 2021, explaining that the director had “difficulty choosing the perfect actor to play [his] son’.

Jaden Smith is now a rapper.  Credit: Alamy
Jaden Smith is now a rapper. Credit: Alamy

With the director having seen “nearly 500 children,” Will and Jada Pinkett Smith agreed to allow their son to audition for the film.

Director Gabriele Muccino reportedly wanted Jaden for the role, but the studio forbade him from asking Smith.

Per Insider, Smith explained, “The studio also felt it would look like nepotism and just put us in the hole at the first announcement. To Gabriele’s satisfaction, they agreed to allow him to put Jaden and me on camera as a chemistry test. »

Jaden reportedly auditioned an “unprecedented” nine times for the film, but he went on to prove he was the “right actor for the role” and was eventually cast alongside his father.

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Jaden Smith’s adorable Oscars clip resurfaces