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Fox Searchlight unveils the official trailer for new James Bond director Sam Mendes, Empire of Light, starring Olivia Colman.

The official trailer for Sam Mendes’ upcoming Empire of Light has been released. While the film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival this fall, and the first trailer was released two months ago, little Empire of Light has been shown to the general public. audience so far. Mendes made a name for himself when he won the Best Director Oscar for American Beauty in 1999 and showed his reach by directing two of Daniel Craig’s James Bond films. His latest film, 1917, garnered ten Academy Award nominations and won Best Achievement in Sound Mixing, Visual Effects and Cinematography.

Fox Searchlight has released the trailer for Mendes’ latest Oscar nominee, Empire of Light. Already, the film is being praised for its direction, performances, and cinematography. All of these elements are showcased in the latest Empire of Light trailer, which teases the film’s exploration of the relationship between Oscar winner Olivia Colman and Micheal Ward as they navigate growing tension. in their coastal town. Check out the trailer below:

Can Sam Mendes’ New Film Match 1917 Oscar Success?

Writer-director Mendes faces high expectations for Empire of Light as his last film, 1917, was one of the most acclaimed films of 2019. Although not as expansive as 1917, the Empire of Light’s official announcement promises an intimate foray into themes of love among misfit toys and racial strife, themes not uncommon among Best Picture nominees. Following Mendes’ careful handling of the brotherhood of war in 1917, it’s possible he plans to weave strong themes into Empire of Light with the same loving hand. After its various festival premieres earlier this year, the film’s performances, those of Colman and Ward in particular, have been met with critical acclaim, suggesting that their names could return when it comes time for Oscar nominations. This would give Empire of Light an edge over 1917’s achievements, as that film earned no acting nominations. Colman is particularly an Oscar favorite.

Film industry-focused films aren’t uncommon among the Best Picture nominees, either. Empire of Light seems to be Mendes’ version of the trope, focusing on the exposition side of things. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, nominated for Best Picture by Quentin Tarantino, was a love letter to the industry, using the relationship between stunt performers and actors as a way in; Damien Chazelle’s La Land is another recent example. Empire of Light’s latest trailer emphasizes that its goal is for theaters to be a place for people who want to escape, a safe haven for those who don’t belong anywhere else. The trailer also alludes to this providence threatened by the politics of its setting; this combination of timely cinema and themes could bolster Empire of Light’s awards status.

Mendes also seems to have surrounded himself with a team full of Oscar winners. Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins has a good chance of getting a nomination for his probably impressive visuals. Composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross were also recruited, and their score for The Social Network won them an Oscar for the first time. Working with Mendes therefore opens up the possibility for new sounds to tell the story and earn them another nomination. With all of these components displayed in the official Empire of Light trailer, and with Mendes’ ability to lead a team full of Oscar-winning artists, the film has the potential to be a serious contender in this awards season. crowded.

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James Bond director’s new trailer seems tailor-made for the Oscars | Pretty Reel