Kevin Smith defends Marvel and responds to criticism from Martin Scorsese

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While the Clerks 3 trailer is out now and the film’s release is set for fall, Kevin Smith was interviewed by the Forbes podcast.

In the program, Clerks 3 necessarily but also the nomination of Lady Gaga in Harley Quinn for Joker 2 and the criticisms of Martin Scorsese towards Marvel. It is common knowledge that Kevin Smith is a huge fan and advocate of the superhero cause.

In 2019 while Black Panther became the first Marvel film to win three Oscars (for best scenery, music and costumes), the director of Freedmen and of Taxi Driver swayed that the Marvel movies were “not movies but amusement parks.”

“I don’t watch those movies.” confided Martin Scorsese in the columns of the magazine Empire in October 2019. “I tried though, you know. But it’s not cinema. Honestly, what comes to mind when I watch them, as well done as they are with actors trying their best, are the amusement parks. It is not cinema of human beings seeking to convey emotions. Or that of psychological experiences in interaction with other human beings..”

The reactions had not failed to swarm on social networks.

Martin Scorsese

Kevin Smith rightly wonders why someone like Martin Scorsese got asked about superhero movies. “Ask someone who made Goodfellas what they think of Spider-Man? What do you think it will give? He is a very serious director and a man of a certain age with his habits. Nobody should have been surprised by his answer“.

For Kevin Smith, Scorsese should have skirted the issue. “You learn very quickly that you have to avoid certain questions or risk being trapped. He should have redirected the conversation. If someone asks “do you like superhero movies?”, just answer “I like all movies, cinema is life etc etc”“.

Kevin Smith

(Stan Lee and Kevin Smith)

While respecting the genius of Martin Scorsese, Kevin Smith does not understand that all movie fans cannot co-exist. For him, one can just as well love arthouse cinema as popcorn blockbusters.

“HAS aside from all the old directors who don’t understand (the superhero phenomenon), there are young directors in the making who say to themselves “I understand and I want to do it”. It is useless to attack those who are not sensitive to the same films as us“.

Kevin Smith

Martin Scorsese’s comments provoked strong reactions. Tom Holland commented: “Ask Scorsese if he would like to direct a Marvel movie. He doesn’t know what it is because he’s never done it. I’ve done Marvel movies and other movies that have been talked about in the Oscar world and the only fundamental difference is that the former are more expensive than the latter. But in the way of appropriating the characters, in the way that the directors have of developing the narrative arc and the characters… It’s the same thing, just on another scale.”

For Zack Snyder : “He has every right to think so, Martin Scorsese is a genius. When you excel like him in your field, it’s completely normal that you comment on it. And that doesn’t alter the respect I have for him. I’m sure he wasn’t talking about MY movies (laughs). Well, maybe so, but I like to think not and that he was talking about those of others.”

In the meantime, Thor Love and Thunder made a thunderous start in US cinemas.

Clerks 3

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Kevin Smith defends Marvel and responds to criticism from Martin Scorsese