Montauban. Dimitri Vaotoa and Quentin Delord are worth two Oscars

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Tonight, the third line and the scrum-half will be honored at the Valorem space in Sapiac, rewarded by our colleagues from “Midi Olympique”. Crossed looks…

One is one of the USM captains with more than 200 games in green and black; the other has just arrived from Sapiac but quickly asserted himself and took advantage of the injuries to Nic Stirzaker and Anthony Méric.

What was your reaction to learn that you were going to be rewarded?

Dimitri Vaotoa: I too am young (smile). It is a pride to receive this trophy. I have been at USM for ten years and I can only be delighted to have reached 200 games. I’m serving the team, a soldier. When you call on me, second or third line, it’s always an honor.

Quentin Delord: I was not expecting it at all. I came to Montauban to get playing time and I didn’t expect to get so much. Circumstances have made the staff often call on me. And it works rather well, so much the better (smile).

Dimitri, you say that you don’t really like being in the spotlight. Is it missed for tonight?

By force of circumstance (smile). Afterwards, it’s a great satisfaction to see that certain people reward you because you do a good job. I arrived at 22, I am now 32, I am the father of two children. I hope to continue doing what I still do for as long as possible.

Quentin, a quick word on the innkeeper?

(to smile). First of all respect. First of all, I don’t know if I will play 200 games with USM, it’s impressive. Then, he is a player with enormous qualities.

And Dimitri, what about Quentin?

We knew he had qualities. He has shown it by being consistent since the start of the season. That’s what makes progress and what made him stand out despite his size (smile). Besides, he’s a handsome kid… but I am too, aren’t I? (to smile).

What are the relations between the elders and the younger ones?

Dimitri Vaotoa: They are excellent. We are all in the same boat, with the same objective. Quentin is number nine so he has to talk to everyone.

Tonight, is the future and the past rewarded?

Dimitri Vaotoa: I still have good years, I hope (smiles). As long as my body doesn’t say stop.

Is USM now a talent incubator?

Dimitri Vaotoa: It’s good, it’s cool for them. I’m lucky to still be able to play but I think careers will tend to get shorter. It’s great that guys like Quentin take their chance to go higher then. You have to catch the right car at the right time; players who stay at the same club for a long time, I don’t think that’s still possible.

Quentin, the USM allowed you to cross a course?

Clearly. It wasn’t necessarily easy to leave the truck keys to a 22-year-old. I thank the staff for their trust and I try to give back to them every day.

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Montauban. Dimitri Vaotoa and Quentin Delord are worth two Oscars