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After highlighting the quirky moments of the season, then the matches that thrilled me the most during the year, it only remains for me to reward the player and the player of the year 2022.

2022 Player of the Year Oscar

On the women’s side, several names, for different reasons, are competing for this award for best player of the year. I could have honored Serena Williams for her last dance. Even if it was not super prolific, it still allowed us to vibrate one last time in front of this immense champion that is Serena Williams. But that wasn’t enough for my taste.

So inevitably, I said to myself that the “award” had to be awarded to Iga Swiatek who, as world number 1, naturally deserves it. Except no. The reason ? I’m a little disappointed with Iga. Not by the quality of his tennis which is just incredible, but by his behavior. When we discovered her at Roland-Garros 2020, she was dapper, fresh, full of life, with a smile that illustrated the pleasure she took. Remember this late match, after which she asked during the interview if Rafael Nadal was playing after her, because she wanted to see him play. It was touching, a bit like him.

Today, Iga is the cap screwed at the bottom so that we do not see his eyes and that we do not feel his humanity. On top of that, she spends her time lecturing in terms of what “does and doesn’t” in everyday life. And finally, her clan is very/too protective and suspicious, which in the end must weigh heavily on her. So I congratulate the player, even if I would like her to communicate more with the public. On the other hand, I regret the absence of personality. Which, to receive an Oscar from me, is crippling. Sorry Iga.

After that, I only have two candidates left. The first is Ons Jabeur, which finished the year in 2nd place worldwide. She should have received my Oscar, but I’m not giving it to her for two reasons. The first being that she has certainly played in two Grand Slam finals this year, but that she lost each time (against Rybakina at Wimbledon and Swiatek at the US Open). And the second, which is much more serious, is that at Roland-Garros, we had discussed before the tournament and she had promised me a branded t-shirt “Yalla Habibi” which is a well-known expression in Arabic which means “come on my friend”. I’m still waiting… Sorry Ons, under these conditions, it’s impossible for me to award you the Oscar. But hey, you can still catch up…

Suddenly, the Oscar for the best player 2022 is awarded to… Caroline Garcia! I had to find good excuses for the others, but my choice was made a long time ago. I don’t see how I could have given it to someone else. No, Caro didn’t win a Grand Slam and no, she didn’t finish the year in first place in the world, but she did much more. She made us vibrate like never before. I think tennis fans will agree with me that, during the US Open for example, when we followed his course, we felt a little what we feel these days with the France team. In addition, there was this consecration to the Masters, then an express return to join the girlfriends at Portel in order to defend the colors of France. What Iga Swiatek, for example, refused to do. I say that, I say nothing.

Bravo Caroline Garcia for this season. And now all you have to do is bring home one or two (or four!) Grand Slam cups and become world number 1. It’s okay, Amélie Mauresmo did it, so why not you?!

2022 Player of the Year Oscar

On the side of these gentlemen, identical scenario: there are several who deserve and therefore, my choice is not only totally subjective, but also perhaps not really logical for all. That’s the beauty of the thing. You don’t owe it to yourself to agree with me, and I would be interested in your point of view.

As with women, I could have honored Roger Federer for his departure, but don’t mess around either. I remind you that he has not played a single real point since the 6-0 inflicted on him by Hubert Hurkacz in the third set of the quarter-finals at Wimbledon in 2021. I think we don’t talk about it enough, but Roger Federer still ended his immense career on a bubble.

But I digress. Common sense would have me reward Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, for what they still managed to achieve in 2022. One won two Grand Slam titles when he was badly off for the first (the Australian Open) and in great difficulty for the second (Roland-Garros) which he literally played on one foot. As for Novak, he started the year with an expulsion from Australia, before ending it by being banned from the United States because, each time, of a non-existent vaccination schedule. Despite this, he still won Wimbledon, Rome, Astana and Tel Aviv, which allowed him to qualify for the Masters, which he then won masterfully (no pun intended). .

The other natural contender for this honorary prize and awarded in a totally personal way is Carlos Alcaraz. At 19, he became the youngest player to finish the world number 1 year. This feat is explained by a very rich year in 2022 in terms of results, with the US Open, the Masters 1000 in Miami and Madrid to its credit, as well as the tournaments in Rio and Barcelona. The level of play deployed by this teenager is lunar. He goes so fast, has an incredible arm speed, has an incredible vista, as well as an already legendary touch on the ball. Nevertheless, a small shadow floats over his end-of-year ranking, that of Novak who was deprived of two Grand Slam tournaments, as well as four Masters 1000 (BNP Paribas Open, Miami, Montreal and Cincinnati). If he had been there, the Serb would probably have outclassed everyone. We will never know, but a doubt persists.

So I’m going to, I think, surprise many and award the 2022 Player of the Year Oscar to Nick Kyrgios.

Yes, yes, you read that right. I know he is anything but an example on the court. I know he finished the year 22nd. And I also know that he only won the Washington tournament. So why him? For his Wimbledon fortnight. By qualifying for the final of the London Grand Slam, “Kygz” proved all observers right who have always said that the Australian is one of the biggest spoilers in tennis, and that with such talent, he should be regularly among the last four, or even two, during the major fortnights. Admittedly, he had one game less with Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal in the semi-finals, but between you and me, if Nadal didn’t go, it’s because he knew he wasn’t going to be able to. properly defend their chances of qualifying for the final.

Beyond Rafa, Kyrgios also had a complicated first round against the unknown British Paul Jubb, whom he beat 7-5 in the 5th set. But also and mostly an explosive third round against Stefanos Tsitsipas, during which he literally knocked the Greek out of his hinges. This campaign made Kyrgios realize that if he was serious, not a little but very serious, he could become a Grand Slam winner, which is not within everyone’s reach. I really hope that he will use these fifteen days to renew the adventure and this from the Australian Open. And especially that it will come to validate my Oscar!

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My Best Player Oscars in 2022 | We Are Tennis