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There were obviously countless matches between the end of Roland-Garros and the final of the “ATP Finals” in Turin. Among all these confrontations, it is of course very difficult to come out with three. This little intro to highlight the fact that this is a very subjective opinion. The idea is not to impose my choice but to open the subject to a conversation between connoisseurs.

So it’s off to the second half of the year.

1st round Wimbledon – Harmony Tan b. Serena Williams: the dramaturgy pushed to its height!

I admit that I didn’t follow Wimbledon as it should because, in my opinion, the tournament was a little truncated with the impossibility for Russian players to participate. I will not return to this decision, which could be described as courageous or stupid, depending on the angle from which it is analyzed. However, I loved the first round match between Harmony Tan and Serena Williams.

I think Serena came to this match imagining it was “in ze pocket”. Those around him must have said to themselves, “Who is Harmony Tan? And what kind of a name is that? “. They now know who she is, that is to say a player with a variation of play worthy of Ons Jabeur and perfectly suited to annoy Serena Williams. So I loved the fact that Serena got screwed, having clearly looked down on her opponent.

However, I really liked the contrast between the two personalities. One is therefore the queen, or at least takes herself for her, while the other is so humble, limit she blushes when she sees herself in a mirror. And yet, this humility/simplicity managed to win. After conceding the second set, one could imagine that Harmony was going to let go and that the element of surprise would be expired. Nay! The French did not give up. No less than Serena moreover, which triggered a high-flying fight of more than three hours on the Center Court, covered for the occasion, of Wimbledon. Harmony Tan will eventually win 9-7 in the tie-break of the third set.

This victory will then boost the confidence of the Frenchwoman who will win the next two matches, before losing in the round of 16 against the American Amanda Anisimova.

US Open quarter-final – Carlos Alcaraz b. Jannik Sinner: the game of the year!

My next choice is the US Open quarter-final showdown between Carlos Alcaraz (him again!) and Jannik Sinner. This match is a kind of time machine. Indeed, these two players are very young. They are respectively 19 and 21 years old. There is every reason to believe that they will be there for a long time and that they will form one of the great rivalries in tennis for years to come. For that alone, this match was going to be interesting to watch, but it soon exceeded expectations. There were already “highlights” from the first game, and this was the case for the rest of the meeting, in the following 55 and lasting no less than 5:15!

There are not really words to describe this match, but here is a list of useful words to understand a little better the type of confrontation in question: speed, power, precision, spectacular, stressful, delicacy, long, very long, phew!

As for the summary, it’s hard to find a short one… So it’s a 25-minute summary, I could also have shared the match with you in full, but it’s easy to find. If there’s one to watch this year, it’s this one.

For the real ones, click here.

Rolex Paris Masters Final – Holger Rune b. Novak Djokovic: spectacular and interesting!

My last Oscar, for a so-called “match of the year”, is none other than the last match of the regular season, namely the final of the Rolex Paris Masters at Bercy, between the local manager, Novak Djokovic, who won the tournament six times, and one of the rising stars, the young and fiery Holger Rune. As you all know, the Dane created a sensation in the biggest indoor tournament of the year, dominating the Serbian 7-5 in the 3rd! This match, beyond having delivered an exceptional level of tennis, was also a little revealing, in my opinion, of the continuation for Novak Djokovic.

The Serb still led 5-4 in the 3rd set and could not finish. Admittedly, he was on the return, but all the same, they are not too many to be able to say that they were facing Novak Djokovic, that the latter was 4 points from victory and that he did not manage to conclude . Why did Rune pull off the feat? Because he didn’t respect his opponent. By this I mean that he was not impressed by the level / track record of “Nole”. The best proof is that moment at 6-5 for him, where he voluntarily takes a timeout warning. To do this, he simply went for a drink between the points. I think the rule shouldn’t allow him to do that. It reminds me of the yellow cards taken on purpose to avoid being suspended for the match that counts.

But in the end, Rune was smart, in addition to being just exceptional in terms of level of play and maturity for a 19-year-old “little guy”. Obviously, to make a good match, it takes two, but Novak lacked a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to conclude. Something that we had not seen in the past and that in my opinion, we will see more and more in the future.

I now give you an appointment on Monday for my penultimate paper of the year, in which I will deliver my Oscars for the two best players of the year 2022.

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My Oscars of the best matches 2022, the continuation… | We Are Tennis