Oscars 2022: after the slap, Will Smith announces his big comeback on the networks

4 months after the famous slap he addressed to comedian Chris Rock, the American actor Will Smith has for some time been beginning his way of the cross towards redemption. And after the apologies, the Hollywood star announces that he wants to get back on the networks. Com blow?

from highly respected star to fallen actor

Will Smith’s scathing slap in the face of comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars on March 27 caused a big international controversy, and had raised debates such as that of toxic masculinitypatriarchy or the need for a comedian to say (everything) what he wants.

4 months after the fact, it seems that the image of the star is today more damaged than ever, if we are to believe a very serious study, developed by Q Scores, which assesses the notoriety of Hollywood stars twice a year. The American actor passed from highly respected star status to that of a fallen actor, with a very low score. Even his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith saw his notoriety drop significantly following the events.

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The Animal Kingdom is with you Will

But Will Smith still seems to resurface timidly from the depths of cancel culture since this famous slap. This began with a moving video in which he apologized to the comedian and his family.

Today, the 53-year-old comedian just posted on Instagram a humorous video, on which he says he is trying to return to the networks. The video shows a young monkey poking a gorilla in the back with his finger several times, before the latter (very annoyed) sets off in pursuit.

A roundabout way of announcing that Will Smith is trying somehow to get back on the networks. Behind, theFans were quick to voice their support for the actor’s return, and by Sunday morning, the post had garnered over 50,000 comments.

You can read comments like:

We’ll welcome you back, man! We missed you ! Everyone goes through difficult times. You are human, like all of us! COME BACK WILL!

We all make mistakes. It’s my back bro.

The world needs your presence, not your perfection.

The Animal Kingdom is with you Will

Big Willie the best!

We love you and we miss you Will

With more than 1.8 million likes, the post quickly went viral and the reactions are almost unanimous. Hours after Friday’s post about his possible comeback on social media, Smith shared a video of himself and his son Trey Smith in a hotel with an impressive tarantula on the floor.

One could believe that the career of the actor of I am a Legend, Hancock Where I-Robot was at a standstill following the Oscars incident, but in the end it would not be so according to a source from the British tabloid The Sun. According to the latter, Netflix would even be working on a biopic devoted to the life of the comedian, and which would incorporate the famous slap event. “It’s safe to say that the slap and its fallout are pivotal moments in Will’s life and will be part of the storyline.“, concludes this source.

Will Smith therefore seems to be back with a vengeance in this return to 2022.

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Oscars 2022: after the slap, Will Smith announces his big comeback on the networks