Oscars 2022: an embarrassing video of Will Smith and his wife reappears!

A very embarrassing video of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett resurfaces after the scandal at the Oscars ceremony.

Since the famous slap of Will Smith at the 94th Academy Awards, internet users have been investigating the couple. They recently discovered an old video in which Jada Pinkett attacks her husband. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The 2022 Oscar Scandal

Everything has changed in the life of Will Smith since the evening of Sunday March 27, 2022. In the middle of the Oscars ceremony, the very famous American actor slapped Chris Rock…

The reason ? A bad joke from the comedian about Jada Pinkett’s hairstyle. He thus compared her to the heroine of the film G.I. Jane, who also has a shaved head.

Furious, the interpreter of Robert Neville in I’m a legend rose from his seat to join him on stage. He then put his hand on his face with force…

Back in his place, Will Smith repeatedly asked him to not pronouncing the name of his companion. It is completely out of its hinges!

Awarded for his role in the film King Richard, known in France as The Williams Method, the comedian apologizedin tears.

If some forgive him for his gesture, others continue to blame him. Everyone goes there with their comment! Many of his colleagues reacted in this way, like Jim Carrey and Denzel Washington.

Rumors suggest that Jada Pinkett would have encouraged her husband to act in this way. For many, she is a real poison for him…

Internet users have also recently discovered an old video in which she provokes him. MCE TV tells you more!

Jada Pinkett taunts Will Smith on video

As you probably know, the couple is floundering for a few years. The two American stars are thus known for their infidelities.

Jada Pinkett notably maintained a relationship with August Alsina, a famous American rapper. And she does not hide it! She has broached the subject many times.

Will Smith, meanwhile, prefers not to spread out. But his girlfriend provokes him, even in public. An attitude that fans find it difficult to understand…

Not long ago, they discovered an old video in which Jada Pinkett addresses the man who shares her life. “Would you say she helped redefine our relationship, you and me?” », she asks, referring to a guest on her podcast.

To which Will Smith responds: “I would say you have to stop filming me without asking my permission. My social media presence is my livelihood, so you can’t use me for your networks. And don’t roll your eyes, I’m home. »

Internet users have been many to react to this famous video. He thus deplores the attitude of the very famous actress and then complains to his companion.

Moreover, disciplinary proceedings have been opened against him. The Academy’s Board of Trustees met this morning to decide his fate.

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Oscars 2022: an embarrassing video of Will Smith and his wife reappears!