Oscars 2022: bunch of hypocrites!

A week after the famous slap of the Oscars, we continue to talk about it. But if we take a step back, one thing becomes clear: it is the crass hypocrisy of the Hollywood film industry, which speaks out of both sides of its mouth.


What a bunch of hypocrites are these artists who denounce violence in all its forms but who give a standing ovation to an actor who has just slapped another!

Do-gooders, givers of lessons, who would have torn their shirts if a guy in the street had hit a black man but who do not say a word when it is a famous actor who does the same thing. If you’re part of the brotherhood, if you’re a member of the right gang, everything will be forgiven you.

Another kind of hypocrisy was apparent at this ceremony. And it was Ricky Gervais (who hosted several Golden Globes) who denounced her on Twitter.

When asked what he would have said if he had been the host of the 2022 Oscars, Gervais replied that he would have said to the public: “I am very proud to announce that these Oscars are the most progressive and diverse of all. Looking at the crowd, I see people of all kinds, from all possible backgrounds. Except poor people, of course. Fuck them, those! »

I laughed so hard when I read that. Gervais is absolutely right.

We make sure to make room for people of all races, all sexual orientations, all genders, but there is no class diversity. The Oscars are about rich people who pat each other on the back and who don’t care about the fate of ordinary people.

Gervais reminded unemployed people watching the Oscars that the gift bag given to celebrities that night contained $200,000 worth of cossins, three times the average American salary. Several stars wore a blue ribbon in their lapels, in support of Ukraine. But none of them announced that they were going to donate the money from their gift bag to a good cause, such as helping Ukrainian refugees for example?

Finally, a third hypocrisy is at the heart of the Oscars.

They try to make us believe that the ceremony is a celebration of cinema. So it’s anything but.

If we really celebrated cinema and the love of the seventh art, do you think that we would have shown the Norwegian actress, director and screenwriter Liv Ullmann only five seconds on the screen, when we mentioned her honorary Oscar awarded for his entire career? If you blinked, you missed it. Liv Ullmann, misery!


If the Oscars were really a celebration for movie lovers, created by moviegoers to honor craftsmen, do you seriously think that athletes (surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding) would have been asked to pay tribute to James Bond?

Or that we would have chosen a rap for the montage tribute to Godfather (instead of the sublime music of Nino Rota, who also wrote the music for so many of Fellini’s films)?

The Oscars are no longer a celebration of cinema: it’s a celebration of fame, by famous people.

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Oscars 2022: bunch of hypocrites!