Oscars 2022: looking for a master of ceremonies

Wed, January 26, 2022

The 94th edition of the Oscars is fast approaching, scheduled for March 27, live from Los Angeles. And as usual, the best films of the year will be rewarded with a parade of poorly dressed stars on the red carpet, overly long speeches and embarrassed laughter. Corn this year especially marks the great return of the master of ceremonies, while it’s been 3 years since there was anyone at the presentation of the Oscars. It was the American channel ABC which confirmed it last Tuesday, without giving more details. The suspense is therefore at its height, who will present the Oscars?

A falling ceremony

It must be said that this position has become a kind of cursed place. And yet, big names have succeeded such as Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, Chris Rock, Neil Patrick Harris, Anne Hathaway and the latest the flagship animator jimmy kimmel who hosted the 2017 and 2018 ceremonies. It was the year after things went downhill with American comedian Kevin Hart who was to take on the role, except that homophobic tweets resurfaced and he had to forfeit the Oscars. As a result, they had to modify their formula at the last minute, with each prize animated by the presenters. And against all odds, it was a hit with almost 30 million Americans in front of the ceremony. So inevitably the ABC channel thought it was the right concept, that they were also going to save a big salary, but that was before the arrival of covid.

Indeed, last year the Oscars came close to disaster. And yet, the ceremony was produced by the filmmaker Steven Soderberghdirector of Erin Brockovich and Ocean’s among other things. He had completely redesigned the ceremony with an intro filmed in a sequence shot, prizes awarded in total disorder, much shorter speeches and still no presenter. And if many moviegoers had found this new concept innovative and quite daring, viewers were not at all there because the ceremony attracted only 10 million people, a decrease of 56% compared to 2020.

Spider-Man to the rescue?

As a result this year, great pressure for the Oscars who have no room for error, especially since the ceremonies are not very popular at the moment when you see the Boycotted Golden Globes by all of Hollywood, the Oscars absolutely must revamp their image. And for that, who better as a master of ceremonies than a little actor that everyone adores? I named Tom Holland. And yes because in addition to being a hit in theaters with Spider Man, being the crush of Zendaya and being the actor that everyone is tearing off, Tom Holland could be the next master of ceremonies of the Oscars. Anyway, he said he would like to do it in a interview to HollywoodReporter last December, and the organizers admitted to having contacted him about it. So for the moment nothing is done but if it was the case he would become the youngest presenter of the ceremony at only 25 years old. And above all, it would be the perfect breath of fresh air for this too conventional ceremony, which must imperatively be modernized.

After having had to modify their formula at the last minute in 2019, with each prize animated by the presenters. And against all odds, it was a hit with almost 30 million Americans in front of the ceremony… So obviously the ABC channel said to itself ok, well, perfect, we’re going to do this every time… In addition, we save a salary… But that’s was before the arrival of the covid…

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Oscars 2022: looking for a master of ceremonies