Oscars 2022: Zack Snyder stronger than Marvel with his Justice League and Army of the Dead

Against all odds, it wasn’t Marvel, but Zack Snyder who was the fans’ big winner during the 2022 Oscars thanks to Army of the Dead and Justice League.

We can say that the Oscars 2022 were surprising. There was the Oscar for best film awarded for the first time to a streaming platform with Apple TV+ for CODA. There was the third Oscar for best direction awarded to a woman with Jane Campion. Then there was Will Smith’s pie in the sweet face of Chris Rock a few minutes before the comedian received the Oscar for best actor. In short, the famous American ceremony did not miss twists.

And to innovate, the academy also had the famous #OscarsFanFavorite and #OscarsCheerMoment in its bag. Two votes counted via Twitter which allowed the public to reward (symbolically, without statuettes in the key) their favorite film of 2021 as well as their favorite scene of all time (yes, no one understood why). And among the most exciting names (Dunes, The Power of the Dog) and the most unlikely (Cinderella, Malignant), it is actually Zack Snyder who has been honored by fans.

Fans – bloodthirsty – of Zack Snyder

Indeed, the filmmaker’s last two feature films, Army of the Dead and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, were thus elected respectively favorite film of 2021 and craziest scene of all time according to the twittos. Zack Snyder thus capped all the competition and in particular Marvel, who was the big favorite given the horde of fans.

Because yes, the victory of Army of the Dead in the first category is a surprise given the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, who has just broken a new record, even excitement around the Cinderella with Camila Cabello or Malignant by James Wan. So many masterpieces swapped for one another, yet it was Netflix’s zombie film that won the hashtag contest.

Similarly, faced with the reunion of the Super-Spiders in the same No Way Home and pantyhose orgy – and ugly CGI – of the climax ofAvengers: Endgamethis is the final run of the director’s cut of Justice League with an ultra-fast Flash which most seduced the twittos. Again, an unexpected victory which even overshadowed one of the most cult sequences of the late 90sthat of Bullet Time in the first Matrix of the Wachowski sisters.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: PhotoWhen we tell you that this thing got an Oscar

An amusing (and anecdotal) result which nevertheless recalls the strength of community by zack snyder who had managed to obtain the indigent re-bricolage of the embarrassing Justice League of 2017 by spamming just about anything that moved on Twitter for four years. And beyond that, the victory of Army of the Dead is undoubtedly a good signal for Netflix. Not only does the zombie universe seem to have conquered a certain number of fans and above all it proves that the red N has done well to bet on the CGI-esque horse which has made 300 and watch men to gain fierce fans.

Especially since Snyder is preparing his space opera Rebel Moon for the platform. The filming of the latter will begin next April while the sequel to Army of the Dead, Planet of the Deadshould arrive in 2024.

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Oscars 2022: Zack Snyder stronger than Marvel with his Justice League and Army of the Dead