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From great cinema classics to unmissable new releases, CANAL+ rolls out the red carpet to its subscribers. Our selection to see at least once in your life.

A selection of the best films to see on CANAL+

It’s high season for film lovers: the seventh art is on the starting blocks for the annual ceremonies that will make the most beautiful films of the past year into legend, events to follow as always on CANAL + February 25 for the Césars and March 27 for the Oscars. Live the season of statuettes by plunging as it should into the repertoire of crowned films by the two ceremonial queens; available on CANAL+ and CANAL+ GRAND ECRAN, which enriches the cinema offer with iconic films. A legendary catalog to browse without moderation and in all possible genres – because if the statuettes all have the same color, they satisfy the most varied tastes.

The films selected for the Oscars and the Césars in preview on CANAL+

The new reform of the media chronology in force since February 10 puts CANAL+ more than ever at the forefront of the distribution of French and international cinema. CANAL+ is now authorized to broadcast films only six months after their theatrical release (compared to eight previously). A revision that makes CANAL+ the preferred broadcaster to catch up on films selected for the Césars and Oscars. The best plan to catch up with the charts, and to miss nothing of the most recent cinema releases throughout the year!

CANAL+GRAND ECRAN: the films to have seen in a lifetime

The reaffirmation of the unique link between CANAL+ and the seventh art is underlined by the launch on February 8 of CANAL+GRAND ÉCRAN, which offers subscribers iconic movies to see at least once in your life. More than 300 films per year will join the CANAL+GRAND ECRAN catalogue, with, from the launch, titles as essential as Gangs of New York, Dead Poets Society, black swan, Alone on Mars ; or even the trilogy Spanish inn, Russian dolls and Chinese puzzles by Cedric Klapisch.

Oscar-winning films to see or watch again on CANAL+

On CANAL+, the great Oscar-winning films are also kings, with in particular monuments of the kind on the Second World War. Among the historical masterpieces are The pianist by Roman Polanski, who won three Oscars in 2003, including Best Actor for Adrien Brody. A lyrical and funereal chronicle of life in the Warsaw ghetto, inspired by the memories of Wladyslaw Szpilman, but also those of the filmmaker himself, the film is a classic to be rediscovered urgently.

With The speech of a king, Oscar for best film 2011, Tom Hooper immerses us in a high fashion historical reconstruction, under the gilding of a Buckingham Palace struggling with two crises: the greatest conflict in history, and the stuttering of its monarch . The two are in fact joint: the King needs charisma to deliver England’s entry into the war speech, because if he falters, it is the country that falters. Colin Firth is literally ruler in this parable over the most trivial, but actually most necessary ingredients of power.

But power is not only that of the heads of the nation. It is far from any form of officiality that hides the power of the greatest film that is on the family and on power: The Godfather and its sequels, double Oscar 1973 and 1975 (the only franchise to have achieved this double), the three parts of which can be (re)discovered on CANAL+GRAND ECRAN. There are plenty of reasons to dive back into Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy. First to settle once and for all the eternal controversy over the comparative quality of its episodes and their place on the podium (for us it’s 2, 1, 3). Then, because behind the scenes of filming is currently the subject of a frenzy of reconstructions, with a series (The Offer) and a movie (Francis and The Godfather) currently in the pipeline.

Among the few French people to have gone to Los Angeles to seek an Oscar for best actor or best actress, there are only two who have succeeded without uttering a word of English: the first thanks to a 100% French screenplay, and the second through a silent role. With The kid (who also won the Oscar for best make-up, as well as five César in 2008), Marion Cotillard landed the role of her life (it will take several years to “come out of it”, by means of exorcism sessions and shamanic rituals !) and wins hearts on both sides of the Atlantic. Jean Dujardin, on the other hand, goes straight for the Americans on their own ground: he is illustrated in The Artist, in a silent star score inspired by Douglas Fairbanks. Michel Hazanavicius’ film, a virtuoso tribute to the Hollywood silent, raided the Oscars, with a combination of best film/best director/best actor which remains to this day the greatest French triumph across the Atlantic. A hold-up on contemporary Hollywood that very few saw coming.

In February, follow the Césars live on CANAL+ and in replay on myCANAL

The 47th Cesar ceremony waiting for you February 25 live on CANAL+, and will be presented by one of its most emblematic masters of ceremony: Antoine de Caunes.

César-winning films are also on CANAL+

With Annette, to be found on CANAL + from February 24, Leos Carax signs his first musical comedy and his first American film, in the form of a contemporary grand opera on the artistic milieu and its chimeras, forged by the couple of a diva (Marion Cotillard) and d a tortured comedian (Adam Driver). True UFO of the year 2021, alien film as the only author of Holy Motors can make them hatch in the landscape, Annette won no less than eleven nominations including those for best film, best director and best actor for Adam Driver. The victory of such a free and radical cinema would be a very strong signal for the French ceremony.

Public success (2 million admissions!) for a year strewn with pitfalls for the cinema, BAC North is a major film as much as an essential social phenomenon of the year 2021. A realistic dive into the daily life of the baqueux of the northern districts of Marseille, Cédric Jimenez’s film is armed with the tools of great American action cinema to offer an uncompromising vision of the relationship between police and crime. A film which stands out as a heavyweight of the 2022 vintage of the ceremony with seven nominations including best film, best director, best actor for Gilles Lellouche and best supporting male role for François Civil and Karim Leklou. To be found now on CANAL+.

Surprise guest, like a bizarre and dadaist cousin of these mastodons, mandibles by Quentin Dupieux is already available on CANAL+ via its myCANAL platform and invents a new absurd dream for the author of Steak, embodied by the Palmashow duo as inseparable wankers, a giant fly, and a totally reinvented Adèle Exarchopoulos. Nominated for the César for best supporting role, the actress could add a second statuette after that of best female hope obtained in 2014 for The Life of Adele.

2014: Adele Exarchopoulos Caesar

So, all you have to do is iron your tuxedo and polish your boots: the red carpet is waiting for you on myCANAL, the CANAL+ platform!

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Oscars, César: don’t miss anything on the red carpet thanks to CANAL + – Les Inrocks