Oscars: Patrice Vermette, shadow winner, criticizes the Academy

In tandem with his Hungarian colleague Zsuzsanna Sipos, the Quebecer won the Oscar for best artistic direction – one of the pre-recorded prizes – for his work on Dunesthe science fiction film by Denis Villeneuve.

I think it makes no sense that eight categories are relegated [hors cérémonie] like thathe said by telephone from Los Angeles the day after his consecration.

It creates other divisions, it makes [en sorte] that some are more equal than othershe adds, alluding to the famous aphorism of animal farmby George Orwell.

Respect the end credits

This new way of doing things at the Academy, which has the effect of snubbing certain artisans and artisans of the cinema during the most important ceremony in Hollywood, saddens Patrice Vermette. He remembers with nostalgia when, as a child, he watched the Oscars gala with his family. The only nights, with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Day, when he was allowed to stay up late.

My parents were in no way related to the field of cinema, but they were film lovers, he explains. And for them, it was important to celebrate people, all people, all categories, artisans, artists, who make a film.

When we listened to films at home or in the cinema, there was no question of getting up before the end of the credits, we had to look at all the names. It’s a respect that I find inspiring, which makes you realize that it takes several people to make a film.

Disappointed for Denis Villeneuve

However, he is happy to have received his Oscar in a room that was not half empty. I was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone showed up before the official ceremony. People like Denis were there to attend this pre-ceremony, which made many people talk.

The Montreal-born artist, for whom this was a third Oscar nomination, also regrets that his friend and collaborator Denis Villeneuve was not cited in the category of best director. When you get 10 nominations, the movie didn’t happen on its ownhe says with a touch of sarcasm.

Delighted to have won an Oscar, Patrice Vermette is just as happy with the five other statuettes (editing, sound, soundtrack, direction of photography and visual effects) won on Sunday evening by Dunesthe most awarded film of this 94e ceremony.

It’s a great harvest, and it’s all to the credit of Denis, who was the great captain of our ship; people said it was a book that was not adaptable, and Denis did it with a master hand, and he inspired us.

It’s only when everyone pulls from the same side to support the director’s vision that you get the right results. »

A quote from Patrice Vermette

The invaluable contribution of Jean-Marc Vallée

During his acceptance speech, Patrice Vermette rolled his eyes and thanked Jean-Marc Vallée, his friend. He wanted to pay tribute to the Quebec filmmaker, who died suddenly in December, who changed the trajectory of his career.

It’s very important, because Jean-Marc and I were good collaborators, we were always very good friends, even if we hadn’t worked together since Flora Coffeehe says

I was doing advertising, I was a workaholic, and he was the one who convinced me to do feature films. He really insisted that I say yes to CRAZYand then for Young Victoria. Of course I wouldn’t be here without him.

Back to Dune

Denis Villeneuve and Javier Bardem on the set of Dune

Photo: Warner Bros. / Chiabella James

Patrice Vermette is flying to Budapest on Tuesday to work on the sequel to Dunes, which began pre-production in November. Filming will begin on July 18. The film is set to hit theaters in October 2023.

The language, we have already developed it, but we are going elsewhere toosays the artistic director, who worked for two years designing the sets and the visual palette of Dunes.

To make a good second part, do not serve the same dish that was served the first time. We set a new bar higher.

We are children having fun in a big sandboxhe says in reference to the main component of Dune, the nickname of the planet Arrakis on which most of the story imagined by Frank Herbert takes place.

Reflections on a paradox

Finally, Patrice Vermette deplores the slap given by Will Smith to Chris Rock, an incident that has gone around the world.

We got quite a slap. It was strange, it resonated, we wondered if it was a gag or not. Finally, it was not a gag.

He believes that this incident raises questions about the new priorities of the Academy, which organizes the Oscars.

We cut speeches, but we leave someone who has just committed an attack, live on TV, make a speech [de remerciement]he regrets.

This text was written from from an interview by Catherine Richercultural columnist on the show 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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Oscars: Patrice Vermette, shadow winner, criticizes the Academy