Oscars “South West”: Elect your amateur sportsman of the year on BeSport

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Vote for the sports Oscar or amateur leader of the year on the “South West” page of the BeSport platform. And meet on Monday, December 13 for the traditional “South West” Oscars evening, broadcast live on TV7

TO special sporting year, special device. the 2021 amateur sport sports season has been largely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. If the Oscars “South West” of sport, whose ceremony, broadcast live on TV7, will take place at the Matmut Atlantique stadium on Monday, December 13 from 7.15 p.m., continue to play a large part in the amateur world, the 2021 edition will be innovative. This time, it will not be a question of electing a particularly successful athlete by geographical area, but of choosing from a first list of eight nominated (all rewarded) the one whose sporting result or action for his sport or his club during the various confinements were the most remarkable;

Another innovation, this vote takes place on the new page of “Sud Ouest” on the platform of our partner BeSport, a sports social network, by clicking here.

Here is the presentation of the eight named. To your votes!

Charente Maritime

Jacques Djeddi, president of the Océan Karate-Club of Ile de Ré: A president who “never gives up”. As proof, in the midst of a pandemic, he did outdoor training, imagined on a site history and gym tonic concept. Categories babies, children and adults, none will have been forgotten. International judge, club president, and sports teacher (prison staff) at the central house of St Martin de Ré.


Ahmed Andaloussi (paratriathlon): Shis life changed one evening in August 1993 when a traffic accident left him in a wheelchair. But not enough to bring down Ahmed Andaloussi. During his long rehabilitation, he discovered sport, as the new challenge of his life. Swimming, horse riding, basketball, fencing and finally paratriathlon. After the disappointment of not qualifying for the Rio Olympics in 2016, he started again. And if he does not get a medal in Tokyo, his 5th place is the reward for his selflessness and his rebound.


Christian Delsuquet (president of the Agenaise Pugilistic Academy): He didn’t give up. While the confinements prohibited the practice of the noble art indoors, Christian Delsuquet did not put away the gloves. Every Saturday morning, from January 2021, the president of the Agenaise Pugilistic Academy, organized outdoor training on the hard ground of the Halle d’Estillac. open to all, these sessions were a real breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. Or sport to overcome isolation.


Audrey Deroin (handball player in Mérignac): The 32-year-old former international, now mother of a little girl, is still the X factor for Mérignac Handball, which is playing its third season in the elite. She is also the best director for her club. If the MHB managed to reach LFH, it owes it largely to the right wing, devouring space in the transition phases. Audrey Deroin is also the one who reassures her partners and always provides sound advice. Thanks to her signing at Mérignac in 2018, she was able to study to become an informed sommelier.

Pays Basque

Myriam Oxandabaratz (treasurer of the Irisartarrak handball club): Handball is a family affair with the Oxandabaratz. Philippe is the president and his wife Myriam the treasurer of this dynamic club of Irissary. She gave the idea and worked to develop the file in order to participate in the participatory budget of the Departmental Council 64. She was the instigator of the videos, photos and others to encourage and mobilize all the active forces of the Irisartarrak club to collect the maximum number of votes during the pandemic. Thanks to this mobilization, the Irisartarrak club, 7th winner out of 300 files, obtained the financing of two minibuses which do a lot of good for the displacements of the licensees.


Philippe Camiade (president of Etoile Montoise omnisport): Philippe Camiade is an indefatigable volunteer of the Etoile Sportive Mons Gymnastic, who became president of the omnisports eight years ago. During the confinement, from February to May, with the members of the office, he organized a move every Friday evening of the gymnastic equipment to bring them in a rental van under the courtyards of the Jean-Cassaigne school before doing the moving in the opposite direction on Sunday evening. The gym club also offered video sessions for toddlers from 18 months, but also for young people, adults and seniors.


Vincent Audoin (president of the Barbezieux / Jonzac rugby club): Sports inactivity during successive confinements was for him the opportunity to take his club to a higher level. Responsible for recruiting, he led his transfer window with a masterful hand, keeping his club in an amateur status but a dozen of his recruits benefited from a job by signing to the UBJ. He also actively participated in the setting up of the “Rugby Ô de vie” project.


Yohan Durand (Bergerac athletics): he is nominated for two reasons. for his coaching videos during confinement but also for his major performance during the last Paris marathon, in October. By crossing the line in 2 h 09 min 21, he blew his personal best and became the 11th French performer in history over the distance. And, what does not spoil anything, it is a nice wine grower!

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Oscars “South West”: Elect your amateur sportsman of the year on BeSport