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updated on Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Oscars of cinema is an annual American ceremony which rewards the best international films. It has taken place every year in Los Angeles since 1929. Like the Césars du cinema in France, the Oscars reward artists, actors and films according to different categories, such as direction, interpretation, screenplay or technical aspect of a cinematographic work.

And as so often during official annual ceremonies, there are moments of emotion, shows, moments that transport the spectators and make them dream. But also moments where can be linked blunders, mockery, falls, faults of styles or tastes, or even rewards wrongly awarded!

Oscar ceremonies like no other.

But let’s be honest, seeing blunders happen at the Oscars is a bit like being held in suspense during a Formula 1 start and the risk of accidents! Even if it’s never pleasant to see, it’s always a spectacular moment, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes sad or sometimes very funny.

We think back in particular to his falls during the Oscars Ceremony which toured the world on the internet, like that of Jennifer Lawrance or Rami Malek, which have now become legendary. Or even the dress and make-up of Gwyneth Paltrow deemed absolutely horrible by critics on social networks during the 2002 ceremony.


Marie France, women’s magazine