Oscars: What were the best celebrity speeches in awards history?


Many actors and actresses take the opportunity to give their speech when receiving the statuette and there are always those who are more applauded. Which have been the best so far?

Oscars: The Best Celebrity Speeches Ever©PixabayOscars: The Best Celebrity Speeches EverMarina Cappello

The Oscar Award Apart from being characterized by the awards, the dresses and the elegant costumes of the actors and actresses, they are also known for the speeches they give themselves in case they receive a statuette for their incredible work. While waiting to see the awards ceremony on March 27, we’ll review the best speeches in history.

What were the best speeches in the history of the Oscars?

Hattie McDaniel – Best Supporting Actress (1940)

The “Gone with the Wind” actress was the first black performer to win a gold statuette. In the middle of the awards ceremony, he thanked all of his colleagues and promised to make this moment “a beacon for all that I can do in the future”.

Charlie Chaplin

After being absent for more than 20 years – for pro-communism – Chaplin returned to Hollywood and received the longest standing applause (15 minutes standing) in awards history. From the top of his 82 years, he celebrated with his statuette in the race, an Oscar of honor for “the incalculable effect he had in making cinema the art of the century”.

Henry Fonda – Best Leading Actor (1982)

Jane Fund surprised by withdrawing her award that year because her father was too ill to receive the award at age 76. Even in 1981, he had resigned himself to the price.

Tom Hanks – Best Leading Actor (1994)

Tom Hanks managed to move the whole room by mentioning all the victims who suffered from HIV/AIDS. “The streets of heaven are full of angels. We know their names. There are thousands for each of the red ribbons we wear tonight,” he said as he received his award for his character in Philadelphia.

Halle Berry – Best Leading Actress (2002)

Berry is the only actress of African descent to have won an award in the main category. Going to get the statuette, he assured: “This moment is so much bigger than me. This is for every faceless, nameless woman of color who has the opportunity now because that door has been opened tonight. ».

Joaquin Phoenix – Best Leading Actor (2020)

Joaquín gave a speech of conscience at the last face-to-face gala. One of the topics he included was the environment. However, the moving moment was when tears escaped her when she remembered her brother River (who died in 1993) and a sentence she wrote was: “Run to the rescue with love and peace will come. »

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Oscars: What were the best celebrity speeches in awards history?