Outfit story: why Natalie Portman changed her dress at the last minute at the 2011 Oscars? – She

February 27, 2011. For the 83e Oscars ceremony, Natalie Portman is one of the most anticipated guests of the evening. After the box office success of the film “Black Swan”, the young woman named in the category “best actress” confirms her status as a planetary star. On the red carpet, the actress appears all smiles, pregnant and on the arm of her future husband, the dancer Benjamin Millepied. For the occasion, Natalie Portman opted for a long purple dress branded Rodarte. A designer choice far from being anecdotal. A few months earlier, the actress became the face of the Dior fashion house, becoming the face of Miss Dior perfume. Like any ambassador of a luxury brand, Natalie Portman is lent a Christian Dior branded dressing room at each public appearance. And yet … A few days before the Oscars, a scandal will come up against his plans forcing him to change his outfit at the last minute.

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The Galliano scandal

February 24, 2011. John Galliano is taken to the police station after an altercation in a Parisian bar at 4e arrondissement. Drunk, the artistic director of the house of Dior is accused of having uttered anti-Semitic insults to a couple seated at his side. If the creator lodges a defamation complaint, a video published by the British tabloid “The Sun” comes to overwhelm him again. Shot in December 2010, this short excerpt reveals Galliano, drunk, taking to task customers on a terrace before yelling in English “I love Hitler!” People like you should be dead ”or even“ dirty Jewish faces, your mothers, your ancestors, all should be gassed ”. This time, no more doubts. The next day, the CEO of the house formalizes the dismissal of the stylist: “I strongly condemn the remarks made by John Galliano, in total contradiction with the essential values ​​which have always been defended by the house Christian Dior”. In the fashion world, opinions differ. Some blame alcohol, others boycott the creator forever. For her part, Natalie Portman, new muse of the house, does not take long to make her statement.

“I do not want to be associated in any way with Mr. Galliano”

In the days following the affair, the Israeli-American actress made a point of distancing herself from the man nicknamed the enfant terrible of fashion. “I am deeply shocked by the video published by the“ Sun ”site in which we see John Galliano insulting table neighbors. I am proud to be Jewish and in light of this video I do not want to be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way. I hope that his awful remarks will make us think and fight against these prejudices that persist, ”she wrote in a statement. A clear and unanswered answer that explains why the actress was not wearing Dior branded outfit at the 83e Oscars ceremony.

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Outfit story: why Natalie Portman changed her dress at the last minute at the 2011 Oscars? – She