Sleeve. James Bond, Steven Spielberg… Stéphane is nominated for a prestigious cinema distinction

Stéphane Cornicard is seeking a very nice reward this weekend of November 17 and 18, 2022. (©DP)

On the evening of this Saturday, December 17, 2022, it will be on the red carpet in Los Angelesunder the spotlight.

It’s a bit like the Oscars, but for dubbing and voice-over. This takes place in the studios of Warner, with the photographers when the artists arrive. It’s gonna be a good time. Inevitably, the closer it gets, the more anxious I am. I don’t run after prices. It would just make me happy!

Stephane Cornicardvoice actor

Find your voice

Lmancho actor is one of two nominees to become best “performer” of the year in dubbing. The kind of reward that can open doors in a career. In May, he had already won the Male Voiceover of the Year Award at the British festival “One Voice Awards 2022”.

Being an actor means having to be able to seize opportunities. Here it is at the heart of the discussions. Usually, he likes to make other people talk. Most of the time, it’s even his job. The seven languages ​​in which he works make him perhaps the most listened to Norman in the world.

Sometimes the days are long, because they start with a registration for china and end with a its for the United States. Le Manchois loves to “go from one character to another” by being behind the microphone. To 58 years old, Stephane Cornicard always has a little trouble looking at himself on a screen. It’s not a curse when you’re an actor.

Moreover, that did not prevent the one who grew up in cosqueville (Channel) to work with Steven Spielberg on Saving Private Ryan. He appeared on screen just before the character played by the star died Vin Diesel.

Some have also seen it in Spectrumone of the last james bond. Most of the time, however, he performs with his voice. If he assures the dubbing of three or four films per weekStéphane Cornicard devotes himself mainly to the animated film voiceovers, cartoons and video games, universe with the kind of voice that he likes to do. In particular, he interprets key characters in a Battlefield, Metal Gear, Overwatch or Expeditions : Roma.

The Norman regularly returns to live in the house acquired in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. At home, in the Sleeve. Where it all began: the Lycée Millet, in Cherbourg.

Videos: currently on Actu

I started with François David. It was the good old days. We were a bunch of friends. There was, for example, Christine Hasne, who still works in Cherbourg.

Stephane Cornicardvoice actor

After three years of study at the University of Caen, it’s off, thanks to a bourse. First in the United States, at school (at Colbie College in Maine), then in the theater, in New York. Before disembarking at Londonto settle there.

In one of the rooms of his apartment in London, where he has lived for thirty years, he has fitted out “ a small studio” to work from home. We send him the script, he records himself and sends the sound via the internet. A few years ago he was theofficial organ in French for the London Olympics.

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Sleeve. James Bond, Steven Spielberg… Stéphane is nominated for a prestigious cinema distinction