Spider-Man: No Way Home pushed for fan-favorite Oscar win, but Justice League fans shut down

Not for the first time, this year’s Oscar nominations showed a clear lack of love for the superhero genre, with Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings being nominated only in the Best Visual Effects category. Despite being one of the highest-rated films on Rotten Tomatoes, climbing the box office charts to become the sixth-highest-grossing film of all time and the third-highest at the domestic box office, the Academy chose to exclude the Marvel epic. of all the major categories, but a new fan-selected award has rekindled hopes for small consolation for the record-breaking film that truly defines the term “fan favorite.”

While DC fans were hoping to get some recognition for Zack Snyder Justice League through the fan-voted route, their hopes were quickly dashed when voting rules stated that films had to be eligible for this year’s Oscars, which Snyder’s cut of the 2016 film was not. However, Spider Man the fans came out in force to put pressure No coming home to gain some recognition for the impact he has had on the industry since his debut in December last year. At the same time, it might not lead the Marvel Studio team to place another coveted little golden statuette in their hugely disappointing Oscars cabinet.

Voting for the Fan Prize opened on February 14 and will continue until March 3, with voting conducted via Twitter hashtags. In addition to the Favorite Movie 2021 vote, which uses the tag #OscarsFanFavorite, the Academy is also seeking nominations for a second competition to find the biggest celebratory moment of 2021 with the hashtag #OscarsCheerMoment. Although it’s clear from the brief that any film can be voted on in this fun contest for fan pride, there is a list of qualifying films to choose from, where Justice League‘s following found themselves out of luck. The list of films that can be chosen can be found here.

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Oscar Snub Continues To Support Kevin Feige’s Claims About Superhero Movie Bias


It’s hard to deny Spider-Man: No Coming Home was the biggest cinematic event since Avengers: Endgame in 2019, with audiences defying the effects of a global pandemic to make the film one of the highest-grossing of all time. When it comes to awards, however, the Academy still hasn’t agreed with the public on what deserves to be nominated for its accolades. Last year, before the arrival of Spider-Man: No Coming Home in theaters, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has revealed he thinks there’s a bias towards all superhero movies when it comes to big awards and that the Oscars snub doesn’t in no way countered that.

Talk to The Hollywood Reporter Last year, Feige said, “I think we’re still at a loss because of the Marvel logo and because of a gender bias that definitely exists. I just loved it for a brilliant moment there with Black Panther that got pushed aside and the work was recognized for how successful it was… There’s a lot of comic book fans that didn’t know who was Shang-Chi. And yet, the work that Destin did and Dave did and Sue did and Joel did, created something new that connected with the audience. We recognized it, the public recognized it, and I would love the hard work of all those people who tell their story to be recognized.

If the fan power can see Spider-Man: No Coming Home getting a small consolation mention at this year’s ceremony is something that will be revealed at the 94th Academy Awards next month.


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Spider-Man: No Way Home pushed for fan-favorite Oscar win, but Justice League fans shut down