“Streets of Philadelphia”: the unforgettable clip of Bruce Springsteen and Jonathan Demme

To wait until the rebroadcast of the film with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, on France 5.

Andrew Beckett, a brilliant lawyer, is destined for a dazzling career. Adored by his milieu, nothing seems to be able to slow his rise, but the day his associates learn that Andrew has AIDS, they do not hesitate to use the pretext of professional misconduct to justify his dismissal. Andrew then decides not to let it go and attacks the firm for unfair dismissal…

Released in 1993, philadelphia caused a sensation by becoming one of the most emblematic works for the general public on the question of AIDS, a subject still taboo for a good part of the public. Advocating for tolerance and against the stigmatization of the sick, the film is inspired by the life of lawyer Geoffrey Bowers, dismissed because of his HIV status in 1987. This successful drama by Jonathan Demme, which achieved nearly three million admissions in France, will return tonight on the 5th channel. It marked at the time the consecration for Tom Hanks, who won the Silver Bear for best actor at the Berlinale, the Golden Globe for best actor in a dramatic film and especially the first of his two consecutive Oscars for best actor ( with Forrest Gump one year later).

philadelphia also marked the public thanks to his tube, “Streets of Philadelphia”, played by Bruce Springsteen. When the director died in the spring of 2017, First ranked him among the five feats accomplished by Jonathan Demme at Hollywood : philadelphia, it’s of course the Oscar-winning perf’ of Tom Hanks, the desire to break taboos by talking about AIDS and homophobia in the context of a mainstream melody… But it’s also, above all, the wailing synth pads and the hypnotic beat of Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia,” a ballad Demme commissioned The Boss himself (and which earned him an Oscar). The director took the opportunity to shoot the clip, of a heartbreaking simplicity, which sticks to the tails of the singer along the streets of Philly, while the gospel choirs rise and the tears run down our cheeks. Naked, beautiful, disarming: the music is superb and the clip is a miracle of American proletarian iconography, like a missing link between Grapes of Wrath and TheWire.”

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He’s actually the director of Silence of the Lambs who was at the origin of this collaboration, which became one of the biggest successes of the singer and musician. Especially in Europe: the song was No. 1 in France and Germany, and No. 2 on the charts in the United Kingdom, while in its country of origin, it never exceeded 9th place on the Billboard Hot 100. Heard from the opening of the movie, “Streets of Philadelphia” figured of course on its soundtrack, from 1993, also composed by Howard Shore (world famous for his soundtracks to Lord of the Rings), then she was a hit as a single from February 1994. At the Oscars of that year, she therefore won the statuette for best song, facing a competitor who was not quite one: Neil Young was in the running that year for another piece made especially for this film and soberly called “Philadelphia”. Note that in the early 1990s, Disney almost systematically won this honorary prize: in 1990 for “Under the ocean” of The little Mermaidin 1992 for “The beauty and the Beast” from the eponymous cartoon, in 1993 for “This blue dream” ofAladdin and in 1995 for “Love shines under stars” from Lion King. With “Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)”, won by Stephen Sondheim for Dick Tracy in 1991, Bruce Springsteen was an exception.

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“Streets of Philadelphia”: the unforgettable clip of Bruce Springsteen and Jonathan Demme