Student: 12 ESMA Nantes students in the running for the 2022 Oscars!

Twelve students from ESMA Nantes in the running for the Oscars thanks to their short films “I am a pebble” and “The source of the mountains”!

Twelve former students of ESMA Nantes have launched an incredible project which has earned them the title of “Oscars qualifying” festivals. They decided to create two animated films. These will surely allow them to have an Oscar next year !

ESMA Nantes students are spotted

On March 27, 2022, the United States will host the Oscars ceremony. Students will also do everything to hope to have a nomination for this incredible event. And for good reason. 12 students from ESMA Nantes have created two animated films.

It was in 2020 that they also launched the crazy project of creating “La source des montages”. And “I am a pebble”. The students of ESMA Nantes did everything themselves. They also had the chance to win awards thanks to their creations.

At first, ” The springs of the mountains was also awarded the prize for “Best Animated Short” at the Riverrun International Film Festival. But that’s not all. “I am a rock” won the award for “Best Animation Short” at the HollyShorts Film Festival.

This short film was directed by Camille Di Nio. Adrian Communier. Benjamin Francois. Pierre Gorichon. Briag Mallat. Marianne Moisy. The film by ESMA Nantes students tells the following story: “The Paccha-Picchus are festive little beings.

“They live in the carelessness of a daily punctuated by the passage of mountains who come forward to raise their oasis. Raising them in a winter climate that they love. And who is vital to them”.

“But one day, they stop appearing. The impatience of one of them, KinKo, pushes him go looking for them. Camille Di Nio, the co-director confided in Actu Nantes about this short film.

Two films in the running for the 2022 Oscars

The ESMA Nantes student also confided: ” We are very happy to show our films. While being surprised by the return of the spectators ». The other drawing “I am a pebble” was made by Yasmine Bresson.

Melanie Berteraut. Leo Coulombier. Nicholas Grondin. Maxime le Chaplain. But also Louise Massé. These students from ESMA Nantes told the following story: “Bulle, a young otter, lives with pebbles she considers family.

“So she thinks they’re normal otters.” But little by little, she becomes aware of their true nature. And so must to face one’s loneliness. A very moving story that obviously seduced.

Yasmine Bresson also confided to Actu Nantes: “We are surprised by these awards. Because it’s our first short film. And U.S didn’t know how people would react.

The ESMA Nantes student also added: “It was a year of work, stress, self-sacrifice. And memories”. To which Camille Di Dio replied: “A hell of a cocktail with stress, excitement. And fatigue”.

She also revealed: ” Our promo was tight. We supported each other during our galleys.. ESMA Nantes students will defend their films to hope for an Oscar nomination in 2022.

The list will also be released on February 8. It will still be necessary to be patient before discovering whether “The source of the montages” but also “I am a pebble” will have their place at the Oscars. To be continued !

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Student: 12 ESMA Nantes students in the running for the 2022 Oscars!