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Since her big screen debut in the 1994 family film Lassie, Michelle Williams has become one of the finest actresses of her generation. Four years later, Williams was cast on the hit TV show Dawson’s Creek and hasn’t looked back since.

The four-time Oscar nominee and two-time Golden Globe winner grew up in Hollywood working with acclaimed directors like Ang Lee, Martin Scorsese, Todd Haynes, Charlie Kaufman, Sam Raimi and more. Williams won a Golden Globe for her work as Gwen Verdon on the FX series Fosse/Verdon.

Updated December 19, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: Michelle Williams is beloved for her dramatic and gripping roles, most recently playing Lizzy in the 2022 film Showing Up and Mitzi in The Fabelmans. The actress stars in several films each year and her roles are always varied and exciting. Although Williams plays different characters in every movie and TV show, she’s still able to create layers in every person she portrays, and her roles are always vulnerable. Looking at William’s acting career, several of her movies have gotten high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, and they are some of her most popular films.

I’m Not Here (2007): 77%

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Williams got a second chance to work alongside her significant other at the time, Heath Ledger, in Todd Haynes’ experimental biopic I’m Not Here. Six weeks after the film’s release, Ledger sadly passed away.

This biopic traces the life, music, and immeasurable cultural impact of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan on America over approximately five decades. Several different actors play Dylan in the film, including Ledger, Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, and many more. Williams plays one of Dylan’s many love interests, Coco Rivington. The film is sad, moving, and a must-watch for fans of Dylan’s beautiful music and clever lyrics.

Take That Waltz (2012): 79%

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Sarah Polley’s skillfully directed and well-watched romantic comedy Take This Waltz pairs Williams with the unlikely Seth Rogen. Until Margot (Williams) pulls herself together and falls in love with hunky artist Daniel (Luke Kirby) across the street, the movie could have served as a prequel to Long Shot.

Margot and Lou are unhappy with their marriage. When Margot shares a cab ride with dashing stranger Daniel, she finds herself romantically attracted to him. Can Margot stay true or will she follow her heart and chart a new course? The film explores the realistic ups and downs of long-term relationships, and it’s fascinating to watch Margot expect more from her life.

Some women (2016): 82%

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Whenever Williams works with writer/director Kelly Reichardt, their films are highly regarded. Their third collaboration is Certain Women, released in 2016.

This time around, Reichardt weaves together three disparate stories about the lives of ordinary women in small-town Montana. Williams joins Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart, each starring in their own short vignette. One of Kristen Stewart’s best films, the film sees Willaims playing Gina Lewis, and it explores what makes a happy marriage.

My week with Marilyn (2011): 83%

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In the role of her life, Williams portrays the iconic Marilyn Monroe in the narrowly focused biopic My Week With Marilyn.

Rather than a sweeping cradle-to-grave biography, director Simon Curtis wisely focuses on a specific moment in Monroe’s life. Based on the memoir of Colin Clark, Sir Laurence Olivier’s assistant, the film traces the tumultuous interactions of Monroe and Olivier on the set of the 1957 film The Prince and The Showgirl. For her performance, Williams won a Best Leading Actress Oscar as she added layers to this famous figure who is so well known.

Wendy and Lucy (2008): 86%

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Williams has worked with freelance writer Kelly Reichardt three times so far in her career, and all three films rank among Williams’ best, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Their first collaboration is Wendy and Lucy, a deeply touching and compelling character study of a young woman and her adorable pet dog. Williams plays Wendy, an Oregonian who goes through hard times during an unhappy summer. With no one to turn to, Wendy’s dog, Lucy, provides all the comfort Wendy could ask for. Wendy And Lucy is incredibly moving and proves that Williams can take on softer, calmer roles.

Meek’s threshold (2011): 86%

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In their second collaboration, Williams and Reichardt kept the Oregon setting to tell a wildly disparate story of Wendy and Lucy.

In Meek’s Cutoff, Williams plays Emily Tetherow, a tough 1845 settler in Oregon desperate to safely cross the Cascade Mountains. With his relatives and two other families in tow, the Settlers turn to Stephen Meek (Bruce Greenwood) who claims to know a shortcut through the rocky terrain. When the games get lost, a harrowing quest for survival ensues. It’s a different role than Williams usually takes on, but allows her to show off her dramatic range as usual.

Blue Valentine (2010): 86%

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In one of the most heartbreaking tales of bitter love ever filmed, Williams stars opposite Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine, a film she also executive produced.

Williams also earned the second Oscar nomination of her career for her role as Cindy in the film, a woman who meets and falls in love with Dean (Gosling), a handsome house painter. The audience witnesses their process of romantic seduction, the disappearance of the honeymoon period, the breakdown of the marriage and a sudden breakup that ends a complicated romance. The movie is really sad and it’s hard to find hope in the story. Williams gave a very good performance as a character who doesn’t know how to help his partner after so many years of struggles.

Brokeback Mountain (2005): 88%

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“Jack Twist? Jack Nasti! Who can forget such a hateful line reading Williams’ beaks upon discovering her husband’s extramarital affair with fellow cowboy Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) in Oscar-winning Brokeback Mountain? It’s a sad movie that Redditors love.

Ang Lee’s heartbreaking story of unrequited love between two hands on a Wyoming ranch in 1963 is simply beyond reproach. Ledger gives one of the greatest performances of all time as a man who cannot verbally express the raging desires he harbors. Williams plays his estranged wife, Alma, with equal believability.

Lassie (1994): 88%

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Williams’ very first feature film credit still ranks among the highest rated films of her career. In the loose remake of the 1943 film Lassie Comes Home, drama stems from the Turner family’s decision to move from the city to rural Virginia.

As all the family members struggle to adjust, they are suddenly blessed with the presence of Lassie, a wandering collie they accept as one of their own. The film was released a few years before Williams played another memorable young adult character, Jen Lindley in Dawson’s Creek.

The Fabelmans (2022): 92%

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The Fabelmans by Steven Spielberg is the story of his young love for cinema and his dream of becoming the famous director he is today. Williams played the lead role of Sammy’s (Gabriel LaBelle) mother, Mitzi Schildkraut-Fabelman, who loves playing the piano and is supportive of him. The Fabelmans is Williams’ highest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes.

Mitzi is a complicated character and as Sammy learns more about his mother, her best traits and her flaws, Williams once again shows her talents. Mitzi’s screenplay is an important part of Sammy’s ability to tell the stories he does once he becomes a filmmaker.

The Station Agent (2003): 94%

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In Tom McCarthy’s highly acclaimed indie release The Station Agent, Williams plays Emily as part of the stellar award-winning supporting ensemble.

The film introduced many audiences to Peter Dinklage, who plays a depressed man who has lost his only friend. When Finbar (Dinklage) moves to rural Jersey to be alone, he can’t escape the friendly advances of a clumsy hot dog pusher (Bobby Cannavale) and a woman with personal baggage (Patricia Clarkson). Williams and her costars were nominated for a SAG Award for Most Outstanding Cast. As Emily and Fin bond, Williams proves her talent for playing the vulnerable.

Manchester by the Sea (2016) – 96%

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Williams’ highest rated film is Manchester By The Sea. The actor played Randi, who was married to lead character Lee Chandler. Randi is a nuanced and compelling character who doesn’t excuse Lee’s bad behavior but wants to show him compassion. It’s definitely a sad movie that’s hard to watch twice.

In a moving scene, Randi and Lee reconnect and Randi shares her wish that he finds himself and feels happy. Randi is certainly one of Williams’ most significant roles.

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