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Oscar viewership has dwindled in recent years for many reasons, but among them is the lack of tension. After a long season of critics awards, industry events, and televised awards shows, you usually see the same type of speech from the same group of winners over and over again. There’s not as much incentive to watch if you feel like you already know what the results are.

Unfortunately for the producers of this year’s Oscars, it doesn’t look like the season is going any differently in the major acting categories. Best actor seems like a close battle between Brendan Fraser, Austin Butler, and Colin Farrel; The best actress is a mad race between Michelle Williams, Michelle Yeoh, Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, and Danielle Deadwyler. While it appears that Ke Huy Quan going to walk away with the trophy for best actor in a supporting role, there’s a chance that Brendan FraserBen Wishaw, Paul Dano, Where Judd Hirsch could end up surprising.

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Even if we don’t yet know very well who will win, we have a pretty good idea of ​​the groups that they will be among the precursors. In all likelihood, a consensus will form in the coming months as the rewards accumulate. However, Best Supporting Actress is truly wild; not only is there not really a projected winner, there isn’t even a definite group that feels about being locked in for nominations. It’s a race you’ll want to follow closely this season to see what surprises might be in store for you.

Multi-Performance Competitors

It’s not uncommon for a film to receive two acting nominations in the same category if it’s popular with the Academy. Although this can sometimes lead to a split in the vote on the winner (this was the case with Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz in The favourite), a second nominee can sometimes support the eventual winner (think of Woody Harrelson enter by his side Three billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri co-star Sam Rockwell). However, this year we have a few divisive movies where it’s unclear how they will perform overall.

women who talk is certainly a powerful and moving seminar on gender dynamics and redemption, and while reviewers have found it extremely effective, it’s likely to turn off some voters who consider it “boring.” It can make it difficult for the co-stars Jessie Buckley and Claire Foy to enter, as they both receive roughly equal screen time. In the same way, The whale it looks like it will be more divisive than early reviews indicated; Hong ChauThe performance of was cited early on, but those who connected with the film more emotionally may be more drawn to voting for it. Sadie sink.

We also have Everything everywhere all at oncewho some predictors see as a legitimate threat to winning Best Picture over the current favorite The Fabelmans. Stephanie Hsu clearly has the most emotional supporting performance, but Jamie Lee Curtis is an industry legend who somehow never got nominated. Would voters give him the advantage as a tribute to his career?

Top Image Contenders

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While Best Supporting Actress winners don’t necessarily have to come from Best Picture nominees, it certainly doesn’t hurt their chances if their film is liked by the Academy and is already receiving other nominations. Given that The Banshees of Inisherin and Tar are contenders for Best Picture, Kerry Condon and Nina Hos are probably in the mix, even if they do more subtle work and aren’t as well-known.

It’s also quite unclear where certain films’ Best Picture chances lie, which could affect how many nominations they receive. She says has been flagged as a potential candidate for several awards (including Carey Mulligan for Best Supporting Actress), but disappointing box office returns and respectful, but unenthusiastic reviews, made her chances uncertain. The female king has the potential to top nominations due to passionate love for the film, so maybe Lashana Lynch has a hit. Oscar Voters Might Also Like Babylon in all its wild splendour; if voters really mark it for every possible category, John SmartThe quirky performance of as a gossip columnist is hard to forget.

The National Board of Review made a bold choice in awarding its Best Supporting Actress award to Janelle Monae for Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads; while it seems odd that there could be multiple sequels in the mix for Best Picture, Monae is certainly more likely to enter. Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun: Maverick, Angela Bassette in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Where Sigourney Weaver in Avatar: The Way of the Water.

Outliers and oddities

triangle of sadness It’s weird, but given how many “eat the rich” movies we’ve seen this year, it would make sense for the Academy to respond to the Palme d’Or winner and the incredible performance of Dolly De Leon. We can learn more about how the public reacts to Inspection in the coming weeks as it develops, but if voters like the film, Gabrielle UnionThe terrifying performance of homophobic mother is fascinating. Unfortunately, it seems that Anne Hathawayis powerful armageddon time may have slipped through the cracks, as James GrayThe autobiographical coming-of-age story seems to be left out of most early predictions.

The New York Film Critics Circle made a bold choice and awarded its Supporting Actress Award to Keke Palmer in Nope; while Nope is a hard genre film that would be outside the wheelhouse of the Academy, Jordan PeleThe film’s pedigree and enthusiastic fans could spur a late push in its favor. It sounds like word of mouth The son is so bad that Laura Dern and vanessa kirby are out of the question, but there’s always a chance the film’s sordid melodrama will appeal to some voters when it widens in January. In the same way, White noise garnered a somewhat mixed reaction, but we’ve yet to see how its December 30 Netflix debut will pan out; if voters like the film, and it becomes a Don’t look up-style shot, could Greta GerwigDid the hilarious performance of us surprise?

We also have to watch out for last-minute applicants who might sneak in. The embargo on reviews for A man called Otto has yet to be lifted, but early word of mouth is positive, with many reactions noting the strength of the supporting actress Marianne Trevino. Likewise, there was radio silence surrounding the release of the biopic. I want to dance with someonebut if the film is a hit in the same way as a biopic like Bohemian Rhapsody did, so maybe Nafessa WilliamsThe role of Robyn Crawford could attract attention.

Lack of consensus is exciting

Awards are often treated like horse racing, which isn’t necessarily a great way to view artistic achievement. It is not a quantifiable means, so it will always depend on a personal opinion. Awards season provides a great way for more moviegoers and casual viewers to engage in conversation; When you have a fluid category like this, the more movies and performances discussed, the more people watch them. Having a diverse and interesting set of contenders floating around for the five possible Oscar spots is a great way to highlight a lot of films that might otherwise be overlooked.

It would be great if Nicole Kidmanit’s terrifying The man from the north, dakota johnsonendearing role in Cha Cha real smooth, Tang Weithe nuanced performance of Decision to leaveWhere Kristen Stewartis a hilarious job in Future Crimes managed to get back into the mix, but sadly, smaller movies released earlier in the year often get forgotten by the time awards season is in full swing. There are issues with how these ceremonies are going, but if there’s one thing for certain this year, it’s that it’s going to be fun to follow which of the excellent actresses rise to the top.

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The Best Supporting Actress Oscar race doesn’t have a favorite – CNET – ApparelGeek