The Oscars gift bag makes no sense and costs 80 SMIC

Like Jessica Chastain with her Oscar for Best Actress for The Eyes of Tammy Faye or Will Smith with Best Actor for The Williams Method, the stars win plenty of wacky gifts to go with the statuette.

Everyone does not necessarily know it, but apart from a statuette that can be transformed into a paperweight, a whole lot of gifts go with winning a Oscar.

What do the stars really earn with their Oscar in 2022?

For about twenty years now, it is the marketing agency Distinctive Assets who takes care of it.

For this 2022 edition, the value of the lot of gifts of Oscar winners is approximately $137,000 (nearly 124,000 euros). To give you an idea, with the SMIC which rises in France in 2022 to 1539€, it is as if the celebrities won the value of 80 SMIC all at once.

the DailyMail just had fun making a summary of the presents in question, and some are particularly eccentric.

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Become Lord and Lady in Scotland

Among the most amazing finds areplots of land in Scotland worth 197 dollars per square foot (i.e. 178€ per 0.09 square meter). But not just any plot, no: in a part of the Scottish Highlands which allows beneficiaries torise to the title of Lords and Ladies of Glencoe! If the size of the plot has not been publicly revealed, little is enough to obtain a certificate of ownership and therefore the title of nobility that goes with it.

In the same Scottish vein, fresh Oscar winners also won a stay in a 17th century Scottish castle. And it’s not just a night in a room, no, but the privatization of the entire Turin Castle, which has become a five-star hotel, so that you can java in its 10 rooms for three nights.

Price on request, of course.

Cosmetic medicine and surgery + one year of foundation

In the beauty department, Hollywood stars oblige, these are 10,000 dollars for aesthetic medicine procedures Oscar winners also win. This, with Doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich, in his clinic on the Upper East Side where he offers botox, skin resurfacing at laserand other injections ofhyaluronic acid.

And then in case aesthetic medicine is not enough, the Oscar winners also win a voucher for liposuction, between 9,500 dollars and 15,000 dollars (between 8600 and 13560€). This is the Florida Clinic of plastic surgery Lipo art that promises to resculpt the body, rather than just sucking in fat.

Still in the beauty aisle, the winners of an Academy Awards win a year of face powder Oxygenetix. Priced at $59 per bottle (around $53), this product claims to increase the skin’s oxygen uptake to speed up the process of healing and encourage collagen regeneration and connective tissue growth. A formula composed by doctors to be used as post-operation care (surgery or aesthetic medicine, for example).

Gold infused olive oil

In the culinary department, Oscar winners receive several luxury dishes and condiments, including of the’olive oil infused with gold. The latter comes from the Greek brand Ariti, which operates olive groves over 500 years old, which it mixes with edible gold flakes. All bottled in a luxury bottle, the price of which is on request, of course.

Life coaching sessions and free real estate work

You could say to yourself that after an Oscar, you’ve had a pretty good career, but just in case, the winners get several life coaching. Sticking it out is self-proclaimed holistic healing and wellness expert Kayote Joseph, who looks 12 and a half but still claims to be able to teach you about life. $700 a session.

Academy Award winners also pocket free construction project management. It’s Maison Construction (in French in the text, yes, yes, the height of chic with United Stateswhat do you want), company based in Los Angeles and specialized in luxury residences, which offers this service.

In short, the batch of awards that goes with an Oscar turns out to be much more varied than the basket of chocolates offered by our small businesses at the end of the year. And gives a new idea of ​​how all this little world is above ground compared to us, poor mortals…

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The Oscars gift bag makes no sense and costs 80 SMIC