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the Brendan Fraser and Tom Welling-directed series Professionals recently completed its first season in the United States. But even with the duo in the lead, a Season 2 renewal is still up in the air. The series acts as a spin-off of the 2012 feature film soldiers of fortune. It follows Vincent Corbo (Welling), an ex-counterintelligence officer recruited by billionaire Peter Swann (Fraser) and his fiancée, Dr. Graciela Davila (Elena Anaya), to investigate suspected sabotage after a medical satellite exploded at launch. The show was filmed in 2019 in South Africa and Ireland. It was acquired by The CW in 2021 and eventually premiered in the United States in October with a 10-episode first season.

In recent months, The CW has canceled almost all of its scripted series, which raises the question of whether they will choose to go ahead with a second season for Professionals. In terms of ratings, the series performed rather weakly, with the season finale landing at 290K/0.0. However, as noted by TVLine, a major renewing factor may lie in Fraser and the current trajectory of his career, namely The whale. While it’s not entirely out of the question that Fraser will return for a second season, it’s hard to imagine him returning to a network with a precarious future when it comes to its programming. Additionally, an outpouring of praise for Fraser’s performance in The whale, and a Golden Globe nomination, keep him on the path to a potential Oscar nomination and win. As such, he’s more likely to continue to be a go-to player for more notable feature films and television programs.

Likewise, Fraser is currently a series regular on the HBO Max series. Doom Patrol, which is in the middle of its fourth season. Although it has yet to be renewed or canceled, the show has a dedicated fanbase that has kept it going so far. It was also well received by critics and general audiences, which, should it receive a fifth season, also stands out as the TV project that Fraser would stick with first. He also has other projects underway that could impact a Professionals renewal decision, including The Moonflower Slayers and Brothers.

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Despite the series’ uncertain future, the co-creator Jeff the most told TVLine that the team is looking forward to it anyway, saying they’re “eager to produce a second season and are well into creating the script.” Most also confirmed that they “work closely with [their] broadcast partners” but have yet to receive solid confirmation either way. Most haven’t revealed any potential Season 2 plot details yet.

Professionals was co-created, presented and produced by Most and Michael Colleary. It is a co-production between the Republic of Ireland and South Africa and is distributed by Rainmaker content for LEONINE Studios. Additional cast includes Said Taghmaoui, Ken Duken, Lisa Loven Kongsli, August Wittgenstein, Steve Mark, Tanya Van Grainand Nick Rasenti.

Professionals Season 1 is available to watch on The CW app and website. Check out the trailer below:

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The Professionals Season 2 Renewal Can Count On Brendan Fraser – GameSpot