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All good things come to an end. The 2022 tennis season is over. A lot has happened over the past year. Not really wanting to draw a corny balance sheet on the most beautiful forehand or the most beautiful low volley. I prefer to leave to others, much more specialized than me and my small ranking of 15/4 (and yes, I maintained myself despite a catastrophic summer tour), the task of worrying about the technical analysis at the end of year.

For those who are used to reading me, you know that I am more attracted by the controversy, the sensational, the provocation and the quirky. It is this last aspect on which I will focus. So I’m going to offer you my offbeat Oscars for the 2022 season. Hoping that Will Smith won’t be one of my readers…

First Oscar of this unprecedented ceremony: the least successful retirement.

2022 was marked by the end of the careers of iconic players on the circuit. Only here, all these goodbyes were not necessarily successful. I will obviously award the Oscar to the biggest “failure”.

In the category of the biggest “fails” for career purposes, the nominees are:

Small precision before quoting them: they are two in this category, even if I could have named five. But when it comes to Ash Barty, she wins the Australian Open, she’s world number 1 and she quits. She certainly surprised everyone. It certainly probably stopped a little too early for the taste of lovers of the beautiful game, but going out at the top is class. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Gilles Simon also said goodbye to tennis, but just like Barty, they were very successful. One on the Philippe-Chatrier court, the other at the Rolex Paris Masters. Common point between these two very beautiful moments: the organizers of the event in the event. There is no squirming, the French Tennis Federation knows how to do it. Others should learn from it. Sorry, I digress: “Greece!”, ok I’m leaving!

So the nominees are:

Roger Federer and his departure during an exhibition, whilea champion of his caliber should have been celebrated on a tennis court, a real one, and not on the occasion of an official competition sham.
Serena Williams for the ceremony reserved for her by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) during the US Open when she had just… won her first round!

And the Oscar goes to… Serena Williams! The farewell ceremony presented by an American presenter, who is a great professional but who, I think, does not know the rules of tennis, was an unforgettable moment of TV discomfort. As if the rotten timing to hold this ceremony were not enough, the USTA has of course, American DNA obliges, made things very big, with Billie Jean King and others who spoke. Suddenly, the thing that everyone wanted to see stop, Serena in prems’, dragged on like a bad movie that we watch until the end because we paid for her place, whereas we have a only wish: to get up and leave.

Second Oscar of the day: the crack of the year 2022.

They are two to claim this price, but beware, it is of the very high level.

The nominees are:

Nick Kyrgios and Benoit Pair.

The Australian started the year very well with a succession of cracks, crowned in particular by a wonderful racket throw in Indian Wells. She traveled from her chair to the baseline tarpaulin and nearly knocked off a ball boy, who had the good instinct to avoid her. Also at the BNP Paribas Open in the quarter against Nadal, Kyrgios faced set points in the first set tie-break, with two serves to follow. He just threw the two balls at his feet to validate the double fault, concede the set and move on. The problem is that he ended up losing. Obviously, there were many other moments of total cracking up on the part of the “bad boy from down under”, but I don’t have the space to list them all. Only downside concerning Kyrgios, his lack of regularity in the exercise. On the occasion of Wimbledon, he managed to contain himself and, as a result, climbed to the finalwhich is unacceptable for a cracker high level. I know the FFL will follow me on this.

As for Benoît Paire, he proved to be much more solid over time. Whether alone or accompanied, in Grand Slam or Challenger, playing for him or for a team, the Avignonnais has never shown signs of weakening in the crack. Before, we wanted to see him play because we knew there would be a moment of magic like him and few others are able to do it (Kyrgios, Dimitrov, Gasquet…). But now, his “followers” ​​want to hear him swear, break rackets, yell at the referee, etc. His latest dates back to the team match he played last weekend with Bordeaux club Villa Primrose, where he took a penalty point on a match point against him… Absolute respect, nobody happens to him at the ankle in terms of consistency.

The Oscar is logically awarded to Benoît Paire.

Last Oscar of this first session: the biggest sweat.

According to the number of round trips to the locker room with a whole spare outfit during the season on the various tournaments, we say to ourselves that the number of nominees will be immense. And he is. So many that I’m not going to name them all and focus on the champion of sweating champions: Rafael Nadal.

The Spaniard already sweats a lot, even when the conditions aren’t so good for it, but as soon as things get a little bad (humidity level), as can be the case on the Philippe-Chatrier court when the roof is closed, we then go into a dimension sweaty unique in the entire multiverse. The man with 14 Roland-Garros was so soaked that, as a form of fair play towards his opponent, he did not put his second ball in his pocket, as usual when serving. If he had, the result would have been identical to that ball you play with the day after a rainy day, and which ends up rolling in that eternal, impossible-to-pump away puddle that’s in the corner of the court there. -down.

This is the end of this first session. Others will follow before the end of the year. If you do not agree with my choices, do not hesitate to express yourself.

We would like to thank the author of this short article for this remarkable material

The staggered Oscars of the 2022 tennis season | We Are Tennis