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The View may have pushed it from the view of many viewers who watched the daytime talk show on Halloween. In honor of the spooky holiday, the show’s hosts presented a segment with children dressed up in costumes representing some of the biggest headlines of the year. Some ideas included costumes for the raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Choco Taco stop, Dr. Oz buying vegetables, and leaked footage of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling from the set of the Barbie movie.

But it was the final costume shown that drew some criticism from viewers. After mentioning the infamous incident that happened at the Oscars when Will Smith punched Chris Rock, a child was brought in dressed in gold to look like an Oscar. A red handprint was also put on the child’s face to represent the slap Smith gave Rock. Perhaps they had predicted that there might be some complaints about the suit, as it was clear they didn’t condone what happened.

“Now we don’t want to condone violence of any kind, but we couldn’t help but talk about one of the hottest topics this year,” said wardrobe manager Ashley Alderfer-Kaufman during the presentation of the costume. “So we have our interpretation. We have an Oscar statue, we call it the Oscar slap. »

You can watch the segment in its entirety below, via The View on YouTube.

Is an Oscars slap costume inappropriate?

The ‘Oscars Slap’ costume wasn’t funny according to some viewers who posted about the segment on social media. One person noted on Twitter: “It’s hard to follow everything, but the red handprint on the face is a symbol of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Too bad no one was able to flag this costume idea ahead of time. »

“The Oscar slap for a hot topic for Halloween on sight? Next time, just pass this suggestion on! Otherwise, great Halloween costumes! reads another tweet.

“Bad taste for the Oscars slap,” wrote another viewer in a series of tweets, dismissing the idea that the slap isn’t costume-approved. “You validated the violence Ashly. Of course, you would celebrate black-on-black violence. Great job Ashley. There were a lot of hot topics and a violent one was your only choice Ashley. Wow thank god you didn’t choose the other horrific crimes against black americans. »

Following the Oscars incident, Will Smith was banned from Academy events for the next decade. He also resigned as a member of the Academy. The actor issued an open apology to Chris Rock in a video posted online, although the two have yet to meet and speak personally about the situation. However, Rock occasionally joked about it in his stand-up act.

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The View draws criticism by dressing child as Will Smith’s Oscar slapper | Pretty Reel