These 5 films total 30 Oscars… They are available for streaming, but have you seen them?

To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of spring in style, Salto is offering its subscribers a new themed collection. After its collection of César-winning films, the platform (find out all about subscribing here) offers all confirmed or future film lovers a cycle of six feature films which have been rewarded in their time by the Academy of Oscars. The opportunity to see and review these masterpieces and classics of the 7th art, which all left with many statuettes.

Four Oscars (including best film, director and actor). Charlie Babbitt is a busy young businessman. As he leaves for the weekend with his fiancée Susanna, he learns of the death of his father, with whom he was estranged. On reading the will, Charlie understands that almost all of the estate goes to the institute for the disabled, which takes care of his older brother, Raymond, who has autism, of which he was unaware until then. To get his hands on the three million dollar inheritance, Charlie decides to kidnap Raymond. This cult film from the 80s has lost none of its magnetism. Powerful fable on the acceptance of the other, this road movie is interpreted with force by the very young Tom Cruise and by an extraordinary Dustin Hoffman. A beautiful lesson in humanity, still so moving years later.

Five Oscars (including best film and actor). With this magnificent and fascinating epic, Ridley Scott will have contributed to relaunch with splendor the fashion for the peplum type Spartacus. The representation of circus games in the bloody arena of the Colosseum testifies to a true sense of image and spectacle. This ancient tragedy is also transcended by the powerful acting of Russell Crowe and that of Joaquin Phoenix, terribly disturbing as a parricide and incestuous emperor. All thumbs up!

Seven Oscars (including best film and director). In 1914, Karen (Meryl Streep), a wealthy Danish woman, moves to a farm in Kenya to run a coffee plantation. Abandoned by her husband, she experiences passion with Denys (Robert Redford), a wild animal hunter. Taken from the autobiographical novel by Karen Blixen, this love story anchored in a colonial atmosphere is served by an admirable cast and very romantic music.

Seven Oscars (including best film and director). Jamal is going to win 20 million rupees on a game show. But the presenter is convinced that he is cheating. The young man explains that his culture is linked to his miserable childhood. Danny Boyle once again proves the richness of his inspiration. Its dynamic direction contributed to the success of this fable rewarded by eight oscars. The film also revealed its two main actors: Dev Patel and Freida Pinto.

Seven Oscars (including best film and director). In 1936, in Chicago, two mobsters decide to avenge one of their friends killed by a kingpin of the underworld. They set up a vast scam intended to put this gangster on the straw… This humorous film by George Roy Hill on the art of deception and manipulation benefits from a very well-oiled script and reserves a final twist as unpredictable as it is stunning. A classic of demonic craftiness that follows two crooks in Chicago in the 1930s. The duo formed by Paul Newman and Robert Redford is sparkling.

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These 5 films total 30 Oscars… They are available for streaming, but have you seen them?