They take us for suitcases: and the winners are…

The gala season started this week with the Golden Globes; soon to follow the Oscars…

But if there are rewards for those who fill us with joy through their performances, I find that we lack recognition towards people of another category: those who simply fill us up.

So I decided to offer the first Golden Pinocchio awards.

To win, it is not enough to tell little canards.

george santos

It takes something exceptional. A big storytelling, a total implausibility, where it is clear that the artist takes the world for a suitcase and does not care if he realizes it.

It should immediately include, in his first season, this newly elected to the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, George Santos, a prodigy.

At home, it’s really pathological and he risks being expelled for his enormities. Unsurprisingly, his Trumpist colleagues defend him.

Sandro Grande


The subcategory that impresses me the most is “one thing and its opposite”. That’s the height of bullshit: telling the same people diametrically opposed things even though it’s obviously impossible for both to be true at the same time.

There are two candidates vying for this specialization.

The first is Sandro Grande, who was an employee of CF Montreal for 18 hours. When his grotesque and infamous words wishing the death of Pauline Marois after the Metropolis attack were made public, he said that his account had been hacked. This week he apologized for writing what was allegedly written by someone else! A very strong performance, worthy of mention, in this category.

Legault also in the race

File photo, Stevens LeBlanc

But the judges look at the entire work when awarding the prize.

It is for this reason that the category “One thing and its opposite” includes a much more famous character in 2023.

This is the Premier of Quebec, for his breathtaking performance in the Sophie Brochu file.

François Legault fully deserves this nomination, as much for the bravery of his performance as for his “trust me” gaze, which recalls the “I’m not a crookby Richard Nixon.

During a press briefing the day after the resignation of the president of Hydro-Québec, our valiant Prime Minister almost shed a tear when he said that there was no bickering with Leaflet.

Seconds later, at the same press conference, he said he was going to replace her with someone who was “in development mode,” making it clear that there was indeed a dispute.

The Grand Prize 2023: Trudeau

But watch out, there’s another player in the running, who came out of nowhere at the last minute.

On a trip to Mexico, in the midst of a scandal over the juicy contracts that his own Council of Ministers granted to the consulting firm McKinsey, Justin Trudeau pretended to be surprised!

He announced that he wanted an investigation to find out how it happened!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the makings of a Golden Pinocchio winner.

The vote was verified, of course, by the firm McKinsey.

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They take us for suitcases: and the winners are…