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Nobody had imagined the immense success that would be “Top Gun: Maverick”. The year of his 60th birthday, Tom Cruise showed that nothing was impossible for him. To the point of perhaps winning the Oscar for Best Actor in March 2023?

The race for the Oscars has begun

On Sunday March 12, 2023 will be held the 95th Academy Awards. As every year, American cinema will reward itself, distributing its statuettes to the most deserving films and professionals of the year 2022. First predictions have been made, even if there are still a handful of unreleased films to discover, like the long awaited Avatar: The Waterwayor babylon of Damien Chazelle.

If the movie james cameron should do well in the race for the Oscars, for the rest, trends are clearly emerging. And in these, Top Gun: Maverick often figures prominently.

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) – Top Gun: Maverick ©Paramount Pictures

The movie of Joseph Kosinsky on the great return of “Maverick” is indeed the favorite for several “technical” Oscars. Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects and Best Original Song are all well within his reach, and he offers fierce competition to all the other contenders in those categories either way. Another category, and not the least, where Top Gun: Maverick has its chances: Best Film. Indeed, Hollywood loves box office hits, and if those have received rave reviews, then anything goes.

If it is very likely thatAvatar: The Waterway eventually exceeds the $1.5 billion in revenue at the box office of Top Gun: Maverickthe latter remains a huge success to which the Academy could pay tribute by awarding him the title of best film of the year 2022. But the other category which interests concerning Top Gun: Maverick is Best Actor.

Can Tom Cruise have it?

Nowadays, Tom Cruise has been nominated for three Oscars. Twice in the Best Actor category for Born on July 4 and jerry maguireonce in the Best Supporting Actor category for Magnolia. Performances contrary to those on which he built his career and his superstar filmography. Since the mid-90s, he has favored big action films where he could shine in running, fighting and chaining stunts. Not really the kind of productions where the characters shine by the depth of the interpretation of their actors.

Pete Maverick Mitchell (Tom Cruise) - Top Gun: Maverick
Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) – Top Gun Maverick ©Paramount Pictures

But Tom Cruise’s performance in Top Gun: Maverick has this particularity of questioning the nature of the acting profession. What is the most admirable? Transform like Brendan Fraser Where Austin Butlerrespectively for The Whale and Elvis, or collect the G in a fighter plane launched at more than 800 km / h? What is the most difficult? Offer “European” caliber complexity like Hugh Jackman in The Sonor to move with simplicity in a meta dialogue facing a Val Kilmer/Iceman fallen in Top Gun: Maverick ? Cinema is great magic, light or dark, and as such, which character of 2022 has come up with? the most beautiful illusion ?

“Maverick” as an outsider

If Tom Cruise can be nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor, he faces strong competition. varietywho offers his predictions on this subject, don’t put it in the favorites.

Oscar Predictions for Best Actor 2023
2023 Best Actor Oscar Predictions ©Variety

The first two considered have everything to win the statuette. Brendan Fraser as a depressed and obese man in The Whale, back after a long hiatus, ticks all the boxes for ‘Oscar performance’. On his side, Colin Farrel book a major and heartbreaking performance in The Banshees of Inisherinalready praised by the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival. Austin Butler was widely convinced in the role of legendary singer Elvis Presley in Elvis.

It remains to discover the performance of Bill Nighy and Hugh Jackman in To live and The Son. And as for Will Smithwhatever the height of his game in Emancipationhis gesture at the last Oscar ceremony reduced his chances to nothing.

An Oscar for all of his work?

Faced with these brilliant actors experienced in composition, Tom Cruise therefore has a lot to worry about. But his luck lies in the cinema he embodies, a popular and fully invested cinema. In this respect, he is in a situation quite similar to that of Robert Downey Jr.. after the historic success ofAvengers: Endgame. At the time, in 2019, Disney briefly toyed with the idea of ​​nominating him for a Best Actor Oscar nomination, to gain recognition his overall performance in Iron Man in the various Marvels where he had appeared. An idea that the actor himself had ruled out.

So, if there is a chance for Tom Cruise to be rewarded in the film Top Gun: Maverickthis will necessarily be in consideration of his overall work, and of the symbolism proposed by the character as well as by his interpreter. A man who refuses to slow down and grow old, obstinate in fulfilling his childhood dreams, who still believes in the immortality of the heroes of Hollywood blockbusters.

Tom Cruise and his character of “Maverick” fight against all forces against passing time, and use technology (aeronautics and cinema) to give themselves the illusion that they will get there. This tribute to cinema, which celebrates the omnipotence of this formidable illusion machine, could thus touch the members of the Academy of Oscars. And a nomination, even without real hope of being converted, would already be a great recognition.

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Top Gun Maverick: Can Tom Cruise claim the Best Actor Oscar? – CineSeries