[VIDEO] Game Awards: “Stray” rewarded, one of the best video games of the year is from Montpellier!

The equivalent of the Oscars for video games has just rewarded the title “Stray” from the Montpellier studio Blue Twelve, an international consecration for developers.

It’s a real feat that an independent video game studio has just signed Montpellier. Blue Twelve Studio distinguished itself last night in Los Angeles at the Game Awards 2022 by winning the award for best independent game of the year for “stray“.

Equivalent to the Oscars for the sector, such a reward comes to salute the incredible work carried out by the people of Montpellier. In this title reserved for Sony consoles, we embody a stray cat looking for answers in a post-apocalyptic universe populated by robots. Enjoyable and with an irreproachable artistic direction, “Stray” could only climb to the top. It’s done. The studio also won the Best First Indie Game category. Full box.

The game had gone viral by the time it was released, especially among cat owners, as the sounds of the small animal in the game perfectly replicated the meows of a real animal.

Elden Ring crowned best game

In Los Angeles this year the French have particularly stood out. Six French works were in total in the running in different categories. The Arcane animation series, from the Fortiche studio, won the prize for the best adaptation of a game, League of Legends in this case.

It was the Fromsoftware studio that won the ultimate statuette of the best game of the year for its title terribly hard but oh so masterful : Elden Ring. Was appointed by his side”A Plague Tale Innocence“, another French nugget of the year 2022 in which Provence is ravaged by a deadly epidemic whose source must be found. A true masterpiece also in the running for the “best soundtrack” and the “best game of ‘action-adventure’ which unfortunately left empty-handed.

The full list:

• Game of the Year: Elden Ring
• Best Achievement: Elden Ring
• Best Storytelling: God of War Ragnarok
• Best Art Direction: Elden Ring
• Best Soundtrack: Bear McCreary, God of War Ragnarok
• Better sound design: God of War Ragnarok
• Best Performance: Christopher Judge, God of War Ragnarok
• Best Impacting Game: As Dusk Falls
• Best Ongoing Game: Final Fantasy XIV
• Best Indie Game: stray
• Best Mobile Game: marvel snap
• Better community support: Final Fantasy XIV
• Better accessibility: God of War Ragnarok
• Best VR/AR game: Moss Book II
• Best Action Game: Bayonetta 3
• Best Action/Adventure Game: God of War Ragnarok
• Best Role Playing Game (RPG): Elden Ring
• Best Fighting Game: MultiVersus
• Best game for family: Kirby and the Forgotten World
• Better simulation/strategy: Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope
• Best Sports/Racing Game: Gran Turismo 7
• Best Multiplayer Game: Splatoon 3
• Best First Indie Game: stray
• Content Creator of the Year: Ludwig
• Best Fit: Arcane (League of Legends)
• Most Anticipated Game: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom
• Best esports game: Valorant
• Best esports athlete: Jacob “Yay” Whiteaker
• Best esports team: LOUD, Valorant
• Best esports coach: Matheus “bzkA” Tarasconi (LOUD, Valorant)
• Best esports event: World Championship League of Legends 2022

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[VIDEO] Game Awards: “Stray” rewarded, one of the best video games of the year is from Montpellier!